Brit Kleinman of AVO

My name is... Brit Kleinman.

My company is... AVO.

I am the... Founder and Creative Director.

I make/design/create... Handpainted leather goods.  My flagship product is the full hide painted rug but I also make pillows and clutches. I like to fully explore one material and see what I can create with it,  and right now that material is handprinted leather.  I was first inspired by a trip to New Mexico where I experienced the hide painting by Native Plains Indians and their handprinted bags known as parfleche.  I then looked at a lot of different cultures that had this technique and I decided to modernize it.

Something you need to know about me is... I like to get my hands dirty.   Although I previously worked in the design field in different capacities, I wanted to work with my hands again.  I wanted to make things.  I think I function best as a designer when I actually touch the materials.

You first knew you were a creative type when... It seems like I always knew it. Certainly, from a very young age.  I come from a creative family and as a child I spent endless amounts of time in art classes and doing crafts.  Creativity is in my blood.

Here is how the company came to be... It all started with a college trip to Gautemala in 2006. While visiting and working with the textile artists in the Chichicastenango market, I was struck by the fact that design and culture were one and the same.  The name "AVO" comes from a vivid memory I have of a man carrying a huge sack of avocados in a string bag in that market. While that might seem mundane, it made me realize that different cultures used products and materials in their own unique way and fostered my anthropological way of thinking about design. I want to know what the back story behind all of my designs even if it isn't apparent to others.

My absolute favorite thing I sell right now is... My full hide rugs and I love the rugs and pillows I am doing in indigo resist patterns.

Here is a sneak peek of something I am working on right now... I am playing with leather tiles for interior spaces.  I see them as wall tiles, perhaps as a wainscot.

I am most proud of... Finally taking that first leap to start my own business, after years of thinking about it.

I really detest... Bookkeeping!

I could never have done it without this person... Definitely my Mom, Sherry Kleinman, who herself is a textile artist. She first showed me that a creative passion could have a large role in your life.  Also my husband because he is so supportive of my passions and taking the risk to start my own business."

I constantly read these for inspiration... I don't read! I just look at the pictures.

That said, I do like to leaf through Damn Design Magazine and Surface Magazine, and I sometimes go down the rabbit hole of the interwebs.  I have two books, Patricia Rieff Anawalt's The Worldwide History of Dress, and Jean-Philippe and Dominque Lenclos' Colors of the World that are staples in my library, but I am a visual person. In fact I don't measure when I create my product, I just eyeball it.  

I would like to share the limelight with... My longtime art mentor David Limrite, who is a fabulous artist in his own right and always pushes his students to enjoy the process of creating. 

Photo Credits //PIctures of Brit's mom and her art from Brit.  Pictures of David Limrite and his art from Outside the Lines blog. All other images by Lynn Byrne, all rights retained.

LuRu Home

Hi. Our names are... Claire Russo & Liza Serratore

Our company is... LuRu Home

We're the... Claire: I’m the New York half; Liza: I’m the Shanghai half

We make/design/create... LuRu Home crafts traditionally-dyed textiles that are relevant to a contemporary way of living. For the past three years, we’ve worked with indigo hand-dyed cottons printed outside of Shanghai, China. Nankeen soy-paste resist dyeing is a 3,000 year-old technique which remains, today, sustainably produced by hand. It’s our mission to support the artisans who print our fabrics by bringing patronage back to their craft through our line of textiles and accessories for the home. A fondness for Chinese motifs underpins our work as our collection evolves.

Something you need to know about us is... Claire: I collect miniature things (tiny lucky-cricket cages, petite cooking utensils, baby porcelain bowls....); Liza: I love insects and oriental carpets 

Here’s how this company came to be... Old friends who ended up in Asia, we convened in Shanghai in the fall of 2010. Shanghai truly is the Paris of the East, a city of 22 million where traditional culture, art-deco internationalism and modern commerce collide. Nankeen indigo fabric was a diamond in that rough, and we found our niche updating traditional Chinese design.

Our absolute favorite thing we sell right now is... Claire: Our Dot Dot Dot yardage, where East really meets West. The dots were extracted from a more elaborate, traditional Chinese pattern, and reconfigured in the most playful of all Western motifs; Liza: Flower dinner napkins; growing up with a chef-dad, this is where my worlds collide. The juxtaposition between our graphic, bohemian Flower print and the formality of a cloth napkin is a bold treat. 

Here’s a sneak peek of something we’re working on now... And that is launching TODAY! Several years, and many cups of green tea later, we’re launching a color yardage line to bring our Nankeen fabric and Chinese design aesthetic to a wider audience. We’ll be screen-printing our yardage by hand using water-based dyes here in the US. 

We’re most proud of... Learning first-hand how East meets West. Whether speaking (choppy) Mandarin with our artisans, or presenting our products to interior designers in New York City, we’ve created cross-cultural links for LuRu Home’s friends the globe over. 

Who says you can’t have your mooncake and eat it too?
— Claire + Liza, LuRu Home

We really detest... The the assumption that Made in China is bad. Our authentic Nankeen textiles are Proudly Made in China by hands which have printed it for generations. Our new yardage line will be Proudly Made in America. Who said you can’t have your mooncake and eat it too?

We could never have done it without this person... Liza: Our team on the ground in China. They’re my family here, picking me up at the airport when I arrive, inviting me to their own family celebrations, and cooking Dragon Boat Festival treats for me.

We consistently read these for inspiration... Claire: House Beautiful, National Geographic, Popular Mechanics, Architectural Digest, Tokyo Jinja; Liza: Here in Wild Wild East, most of my reading is digital due to distance; snail mail takes six weeks and hard copy subscriptions cost a fortune. I can't get enough of Of a Kind's 10 Things weekly email, which is full of quirky and helpful links that remind me of home. I really enjoy Stanford's Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders podcast. There's no end to inspiration in Shanghai itself. Between its Art Deco abundance, markets galore, and street food on most corners, I'm a happy camper. Sometimes it is good to be a bit isolated from design trends, as you have space to let your own ideas brew. 

We would like to share the limelight with... Amanda Pickens. She was our first pal in Shanghai, a creative force who supported LuRu's dreams, and an incredible graphic designer and photographer in her own right.

Steve McKenzie

Hi. My name is… Steve McKenzie

My company is... steve mckenzie’s

I’m the… Principal Designer

I make/design/create… First and foremost, I am an artist. Before I start on large paintings, I do studies in walnut ink to help me zero in on what it is I’m trying to achieve. The brushstrokes of these walnut ink studies are also the basis of my fabric collection. My textiles have also given me an opportunity to design an upholstery collection and a bag collection. In addition to these collections, steve mckenzie’s is also a full service interior design firm operating out of our Atlanta showroom.

Something you need to know about me is… I love to cook especially for a large group. I will attempt about any dish. One of my specialties is homemade wings. When our son was playing high school lacrosse, he would regularly show up late night with about a dozen friends looking for their fourth meal. I was happy to jump into action and make a batch of spicy wings.

Here’s how this company came to be… In January 2012, after working corporate jobs for 30 years, my wife, Jill, and I made the leap to exit that arena and begin making plans for steve mckenzie’s. I always wanted to design a fabric collection and it was time. First came the fabric, which naturally became ingrained with our love of interiors and entertaining, and next thing you know, there we are with a showroom! Everything that’s followed has been born from the creative freedom you enjoy (most of the time!) when running your own business.

My absolute favorite thing we sell right now is… My Walnut Loop on Flax Linen Fabric is a current favorite. As I shared earlier, I paint using walnut ink, and this particular pattern/colorway comes closest to the original brush strokes of those studies. I’ve been painting for years and could always picture what this fabric would look like - this pattern is just like realizing a dream. I smile every time I see it used.

Here’s a sneak peek of something we’re working on now… We are in the midst of finalizing patterns and colors for an outdoor fabric collection, which we’re very excited about. It should be available mid-summer this year. Pictured is one of the patterns based on the stripes of French linens but in my own, unique brushstrokes.

I’m most proud of… We relish in the priceless reactions people have when stepping into our showroom for the first time - they usually get a big smile on their face and say “I love it.” Typically, a conversation ensues about how much they appreciate our use of color and how refreshing it is to see so much of it in one place. As an artist, designer, and retailer, this is when I know we’re doing something right; when someone responds and reacts to the work put out there.

I really detest… The accounting and paperwork can be a real grind for me. I understand how imperative it is, but for me, all I can think about is how I’m not creating something at that time, which is what I love to do most!

I could never have done it without this person… I couldn’t have made this professional – and often times, personal - leap without Jill, my wife of 30 years. She is not only my partner for life she is also my partner in business. Every product I design, every painting I create, she is there to give critical input. I know she always has our best interests at heart and will be honest, even if it can be painful at times. Plus, I would not have time to create if she were not helping run the business and sell our products; she’s amazing!

I consistently read these for inspiration… I get inspiration from so many sources.  I am a visual learner, so any great photography inspires me. My favorite Magazines for inspiration are: Côté Sud, Vogue Living Australia & Wallpaper. I also need my monthly fix of Garden & Gun - I love the way they celebrate the new, modern, southern lifestyle from all dimensions. A favorite blog is Freund von Freunden out of Berlin, their interviews and interiors of creatives from all over the world are fantastic! And, I so appreciate the hour-long mixtapes they have guest DJ’s do - they are always inspiring, especially in the studio. Pinterest and Instagram can also act as fuel for my creative side.

I would like to share the limelight with… I would take great pleasure in sharing the limelight with Verde Home by Laura Walker. Laura is an amazingly talented designer; the custom rugs they offer through their showroom, Verde Home, are truly incredible. They can help you realize your own designs, or you can even customize some of the patterns Laura has designed and end up with your very own beautiful, high quality, unique rug.

IMAGE CREDITS | All images provided by Steve McKenzie except showroom image via Lonny.

Carla Stolper

Hi. my name is… Carla Stolper

My company is… CFMichaels

I’m the… Owner, CEO, Scout, Designer, Editor, Photographer

I make/design/create… CFMichaels is a new online boutique offering a curated collection of vintage textiles, art and storied home accessories. We’re on the ground, based in Thailand, hand sourcing unique and beautiful pieces and the authentic works of generational artisans across SE Asia. Our inventory consists primarily of one-of-a-kind items so will continually evolve.  Services may soon add to the mix.

Through the blog, we plan to contextualize the products we offer by pairing them with design trade favorites, and by showcasing this corner of the world and our good-life finds from a design and travel perspective.

Something you need to know about me is... I grew up with music in the house most every day, would most likely take music over a book to a deserted island. I take my playlists very seriously. To some of my guests’ delight and others’ chagrin, I have a tendency to break out the disco. Sometimes the setting is inappropriate and I have to fight the urge, even when I’m convinced more dancing less talking is the way to go.

Here’s how this company came to be... Essentially I decided that I couldn’t move around the world again without building something from this unique opportunity I have.  I wanted to somehow leverage my years of global living and travel and combine that with my longtime love of interiors and the hunt for beautiful things.  It didn’t take long after arriving in SE Asia to see that the region is rich in remarkable things - it was the right place and the right time.  So with that, a design sense, and both travel and the “art of acquisition” second nature, I needed a portable venue.  Letting go of the notion that I could create a website on my own and hiring professionals to develop an e-commerce site really transformed the process and the momentum.  Although we’re infants, I love what we’ve introduced and I’m excited to see how we evolve.

My absolute favorite thing we sell right now is… I love the patina and leopard-like pattern of this Nepalese singing bowl.  And the long history and noted benefits of these bowls is so intriguing.  They’re made of seven metals representing seven planets, and, as the story goes, their sound and shape connect to the chakras in the body.  But it’s also just a great looking piece. I also think the vintage Javanese children’s tops are so fun – I love the global vibe they’d add to a nursery or playroom and the stories you could share and imagine.

Here’s a sneak peek of something we’re working on now… Traveling across Thailand and other countries here in SE Asia I always have one eye on textiles.  I’m currently slicing and dicing and combining the pieces I’ve amassed to create some “CFMichaels exclusives.”  It’s an exciting endeavor with loads of creative potential.  Stay tuned.

I’m most proud of… That I’ve seen it through and can now see something tangible after years of daydreaming. I just want to enjoy it and every opportunity that hopefully unfolds.

I really detest…The business of business.  I’m a slight overachiever in the organization department, but spreadsheets and numbers and overall admin send me reeling.

I could never have done it without this person... Hands down my husband. There are some people in this world who just seem to get it, on every level. He’s the smartest, most supportive and selfless person I know. He’s both indulged my whims and shown me the way more times than I can count.  Although I may be quick to profess I had the fortitude to do it all on my own, not so.

I consistently read these for inspiration… Cloth & Kind (...why thanks, Carla! xx K&T), Quintessence, and I still love a hardcopy - Elle Décor, Arch Digest, House Beautiful,Veranda, T&C, my library of design books and new ones that come on the scene.

It’s a departure from design, but I have to add biographies.  I’m really motivated by stories of people who have an unimaginable capacity for endurance and will to persevere when faced with extreme challenges or adverse conditions or the gravity of a situation. They provide such perspective and a “whew!” moment of clarity, not to mention a profound appreciation for things.

I would like to share the limelight with… Ellie Edelhoff is an American photographer living here in Thailand whose work deserves recognition on a larger stage.  She has such a gifted and creative eye and captures such arresting truths about people and the spirit of places in her images, which span India, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and SE Asia.  We’re happy to say CFMichaels offers a couple favorites in our introductory collection, but you can also purchase and see the full range of her work at

IMAGE CREDITS | All images provided by Carla Stolper of CF Michaels expect the last, which is photography by Ellie Edelhoff.

Katharine Kidd

Limelight: Katharine Kidd | CLOTH & KIND

Hi. my name is… Katharine Kidd Shippey

My company is… Katharine Kidd

I’m the… Designer

I make/design/create… I design a women's ready-to-wear collection, including cocktail dresses and day to night separates.

Limelight: Katharine Kidd | CLOTH & KIND

Something you need to know about me is… I grew up believing that it was important to give back and do something that helped other people.  Both my father and my grandmother were big community organizers.  It was this feeling of giving back that lead me to get a masters in Special Education.  But I had always loved fashion and in my 30s I shifted my lens toward this direction. I began to see that if you do something you love, you’re also serving others; you’re developing relationships and building trust. You realize quickly you can’t do it alone.

Also, I love to write.  I am now working on my second book (fiction). It is just something I enjoy doing, not something I am necessarily talented at, but it just helps me process life and stay grounded. It’s a great mental escape!

Limelight: Katharine Kidd | CLOTH & KIND

Here’s how this company came to be… About 5 years ago, I apprenticed under a veteran couturier in Santa Barbara.  She taught me the foundations of fashion design beginning with fashion illustration and proceeding through the various steps of creating a garment: draping, pattern making and sewing. I worked in this way for a few years, designing one-of-a-kind pieces, experimenting with fabrics and detailing. An interior designer stumbled upon the scene (I was draping these mannequins in my house) and told a friend in New York in the fashion industry and ultimately he came to Santa Barbara and helped launch the line.

My absolute favorite thing we sell right now is… With the fall collection we’ve introduced a custom print and I’m crazy about it, especially on the multi-paneled Alina dress (below). The Charlotte blouse with pleated cap sleeves in this same rose print has been our top seller. There is a pleated coat that is also very special!

Limelight: Katharine Kidd | CLOTH & KIND

Here’s a sneak peek of something we’re working on now… We have modified our print from fall by altering the color palette, as well as added another one that evolved from sketching the outline of our rose print. Creating custom prints is like making art and is one of the best ways to guarantee that your designs are unique.

Limelight: Katharine Kidd | CLOTH & KIND

I’m most proud of… I am really proud that we are self-financed, and that along with my husband, we have started this from the ground up.  It has been challenging to be responsible for so many other aspects of brand growth outside of the designing but we have a great team who are loyal and hard working.

I really detest… A real challenge is when you put a lot of time into a design and for whatever reason it just does not work out, and you have to end up letting it go.  It can be really disappointing and feel like a "failure", but I have now found editing easier knowing these pieces may be reinvented by using a different fabric or changing a small detail and end up feeling right.

I could never have done it without this person… I absolutely could not have done this without my husband, Crawford.  He is the company President and CEO and handles most of the business but he has also given me emotional support when it comes to the challenges that arise during the creative process.

Limelight: Katharine Kidd | CLOTH & KIND

I consistently read these for inspiration… Favorite blogs - Man Repeller,Fashionista, The Coveteur. I have subscriptions to all the main fashion magazines and also take monthly trips to the magazine stand to peruse editions from around the world. I still like the joy of turning down the pages in a magazine.

I would like to share the limelight with… Monika Knutsson. We carry her Gilded Lace jewelry in our store.  Monika started her career in Paris working for Isabel Marrant.  She has a true artistic vision with her brand. She takes vintage lace and dips it in gold, and silver. Each piece is hand made and there is a story that goes with each lace that is used.  She is also a great person.

Limelight: Katharine Kidd | CLOTH & KIND

Clay McLaurin

Limelight: Clay McLaurin | CLOTH & KIND

Hi. I’m… Clay McLaurin Todd Piercy

Our company is… Clay McLaurin Studio

We’re the… Clay: Creative Talent Todd : Numbers Genius

We make/design/create… Clay McLaurin Studio is a line of printed textiles for interiors.  Each pattern is painted by hand then printed onto beautiful Belgian linen or 100% cotton fabrics.  The collection is inspired by our travels and love of nature whether it be an object found on the coast of Maine or a textile technique learned while visiting Japan, to the tranquil hillsides of Spain.

Limelight: Clay McLaurin | CLOTH & KIND

Something you need to know about me is… Clay: I am a nature admirer.  I love taking walks through gardens, exploring woods or hiking a mountain.  I am constantly mesmerized by the beauty of our natural world.

Todd: I’m a closeted mixologist. When I'm home and find time behind our bar, I transform into this Mad Scientist of molecular libations. The drink of the moment?  The 316: The Botanist Gin, Lime, Absinthe and a good quality tonic.

Here’s how this company came to be… Clay:  Todd and I both have southern roots so when we moved from our NYC digs back to the South we realized this was a perfect opportunity to start the collection.  Ever since I studied fabric design at the University of Georgia. I've always wanted to own my own textile line.  Over the years, I've been collecting ideas and information from various jobs I've had until one day I realized I'm not getting any younger.  Both Todd and I bit the bullet, and we haven't looked back.

My absolute favorite thing we sell right now is… Clay:  This is a hard one as everything still feels so new, but if I had to choose, I would choose one of the patterns that surprised me most, Wave in Tahoe.  For many months I saw a small 8"x8" piece of this fabric.  Recently I was able to view 3 yards of it, and I was blown away by the movement, scale and color - something I didn't notice when looking at such a small swatch.  It's been a lot of fun to see the yardage for each fabric.

Limelight: Clay McLaurin | CLOTH & KIND

Todd: I am really surprised the impact Medallion has when it is printed in yardage. On a trip to visit our sewer, he had 5 yards in Peony rolled out on the table. That was the first time I saw this design, and it was a moment I won’t forget.

Limelight: Clay McLaurin | CLOTH & KIND

Here’s a sneak peek of something we’re working on now… Clay: We're currently working on a custom design for a client and we're calling it Weeping Willow.  We'll be adding it to our line soon.  We named it Weeping Willow as it brought back a childhood memory of mine.  When I was about eight, I "married" a friend of mine under the neighbors weeping willow tree!

Limelight: Clay McLaurin | CLOTH & KIND

I’m most proud of… Clay: The fact that we're doing this together and making it happen!  It's been a long time coming… Todd: Watching our ideas and thoughts come to life.

I really detest… Clay: Stapling tags to memos! Todd: Wasting fabric! What do you do with 3" strips of beautiful textiles?

I could never have done it without this person… Clay:  I have to say my grandmother, Mama Lena (as her grandchildren called her).  To others, her name was Elena.  She's had a huge influence on my childhood.  She taught me to appreciate nature.  I learned to garden from her.  She had a keen eye, was a master gardener and award winning floral arranger.  I look back at some of her arrangements and stare in awe.  She instilled in me quality in good design.  Elena, a large floral pattern, is named in her honor.

Limelight: Clay McLaurin | CLOTH & KIND

Todd: Hearing Clay speak about his dream for several years motivated me to spearhead this to reality. What comes out of his creative brain cells? Well…it’s pretty amazing.

I consistently read these for inspiration… Clay: The World of Interiors,Remodelista, Lonny, Cloth & Kind, The Sartorialist, John Derian, Hugo Guinness, Susan Hable's watercolors, Elle Decoration, Ellsworth Kelly Plant Drawings, 101 cookbooks

Todd: The New Yorker, Man of the World, Esquire, Bearings Guide, The Drunken Botanist, GOOD Magazine, Anchor Division, NY Times Mag

I would like to share the limelight with… Clay:  Jane Sisco, creator of beautiful, bold, dynamic screen-printed fabric for the apparel market.  She's always been an inspiration and friend who will listen.

Todd: Bungalow Classic in Atlanta. Randy and Courtney Tilinski, the owners of a boutique furniture company, have an eye for well-designed and handcrafted furniture.  They are creative, calm, and the most productive duo I have met.

Limelight: Clay McLaurin | CLOTH & KIND

IMAGE CREDITS | All images courtesy of Clay McLaurin Studio except for the Bungalow Classic image which came from their website.

Shay Carrillo // NPG

Limelight: Shay Carrillo from NPG | CLOTH & KIND

Hi. My name is… Shay Carrillo.

My company is… non-perishable goods.

I’m the… Owner/designer.

I make/design/create… Home and tabletop accessories, and accessories for child and woman.

Something you need to know about me is… This is a tough one as I am a culmination of so many things - my life/past experiences, my family, love for color/texture/handwork, I guess the list goes on!

Here’s how this company came to be… npg was born from the need to create napkins for my kids’ lunches for school.  Wanting to eliminate the everyday use of paper, I made up some simple linen napkins with finished edges… they became everyday napkins, today our top seller!  Over time I began creating and adding to the mix.

Limelight: Shay Carrillo |  NPG | CLOTH & KIND

My absolute favorite thing we sell right now is… Clutches!  They are made with vintage textiles and leather, I feel they are an incredibly sophisticated yet rustic product.

Limelight: Shay Carrillo |  NPG | CLOTH & KIND
Limelight: Shay Carrillo |  NPG | CLOTH & KIND

Here’s a sneak peek of something we’re working on now… We will be excited to share some new products that we are developing using vintage kanthas.

Limelight: Shay Carrillo |  NPG | CLOTH & KIND

I’m most proud of… I am truly proud of working along side many amazing people and particularly many amazing women, many of them mothers. Firstly, my right hand lady, Elizabeth Baena, whom I truly could not run my business without. We collaborate so well together and together are taking NPG to a new place that is super exciting. Elizabeth and I share a passionate love for handmade vintage textiles and this is our place of connection. She also brings all of her past design & production experience to npg- she is invaluable. I am also incredibly proud that we keep our larger production local with the help of Spooltown. Local photographer Leah Verwey currently shoots all of our photography.

I really detest… Trying to balance owning a small business, being a mom, and a good partner are all challenging… but I can’t say I detest any of it!

I could never have done it without this person… I couldn’t have done this without the tremendous support of my husband & family.

I consistently read these for inspiration… Pinterest, Instagram, many small independent designers, roost blog, NY Times style magazine. Inspiration comes from a lot of places for me-my children, cooking, travel, interacting with other local designers and artists.

I would like to share the limelight with… There are so many, but one designer that truly inspires me at the moment is Beatrice Venezuela. Her aesthetic and way of living are akin to my own. It is empowering to see others striving to live a beautiful, rich yet simple and heartfelt lifestyle.

Limelight: Shay Carrillo |  NPG | CLOTH & KIND

Kari Fisher

Limelight: Kari Fisher | CLOTH & KIND

Hi. My name is… Kari Fisher.

My company is… Kari Fisher Designs.

I’m the… Founder, Owner, Designer.

I make/design/create… I design & create made-to-order pillows sewn from my own hand-blocked linen. Inspired by my love of textiles and traditional block printing methods, I design each pattern and carve my blocks from my Atlanta studio.  Every pattern is blocked using water-based ink. Presently, there are three linen grounds, 8 patterns, and several ink colors. I also offer 3 different trim options including linen self-flange, color cording, and pom pom tassels. So many options allows for numerous combinations to fit almost anyone’s décor or style.

Limelight: Kari Fisher | CLOTH & KIND

Something you need to know about me is… I think what makes me and my business unique is my interior design background. I understand the needs of the designer and the client, how important quality, customization, and ultimately price are to consumers. I’ve worked under amazing designers like Victoria Hagan & Robert Brown. For them quality, classic forms, and honesty in materials have been at forefront of their design aesthetic and their mentoring has definitely influenced my own style & perspective.

Here’s how this company came to be… I’ve always played around with manipulating textiles and have grown up painting. As an interior designer & textile addict I’ve had my hand on most fabrics out there. I’m always playing with new pattern and color combinations, but there were always situations where I couldn’t find the exact pattern or color I was looking for. The turning point was as designer with KMH Interiors. We were designing a chic condo for an Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles show house and were looking for an inexpensive drapery option that had a high-end custom feel. We ended up purchasing some pre-made white linen drapery panels and I designed a simple block that gave us the pattern we wanted. It was like all of the sudden, everything clicked for me. Block printing was the perfect medium for all of the designs floating around in my head.

Limelight: Kari Fisher | CLOTH & KIND

My absolute favorite thing we sell right now is… I’m really loving how custom & unique my pillows can become with trim embellishments. My favorite right now is the wabi stripe with pom pom tassels…my pom poms have added a totally new dimension to my pillows. I love how through color and embellishment my fabrics can be either subtle & elegant or colorful & funky.

Limelight: Kari Fisher | CLOTH & KIND

Here’s a sneak peek of something we’re working on now… I’ve been playing around with some hand painting, especially florals. Pillows are in many ways my canvas so I can really experiment with new ideas without sacrificing yards and yards of fabric and they are so easy to change out in one’s decor. Right now my patterns are one color, but I’m experimenting with using a couple different colors and layering patterns.

Limelight: Kari Fisher | CLOTH & KIND

I’m most proud of… Making the scary leap to start my own business. It’s stressful not knowing what will happen down the road, but I’m so proud of the work I’ve accomplished since going out on my own. I wake up early ready to go and am so excited to bring my ideas to life.

I really detest… Bookeeping is a constant struggle.

I could never have done it without this person… I’m really lucky to have a number of people supporting me & fostering my creativity, but I owe everything to my parents. I grew up painting with my mother who showed me I’m only limited by how far my imagination can take me. She recently took her support to a whole new level when she got her very first tattoo. As a bonding moment with my brother she had me rework my fish “Matsya” print to include my brothers’ and my first initials. A little silly, but that’s why I love her. As creative as my mother is, my father is very business minded and pragmatic. He has been the much appreciated voice in my head making sure I cross my “t”s and dot my “i”s.

I consistently read these for inspiration… I love when I get a chance to curl up with an Elle Decor or House Beautiful, a glass of wine, and a sharpie. I also often go back to my favorite design books like Owen Jones Decorative Ornament or Dorothy Draper’s Decorating is Fun. I’m a very visual person so Pinterest & Instagram are never-ending sources of inspiration.

I would like to share the limelight with… Probably the best upholstery & custom furniture workroom out there is Bjork Studio. If you can dream it, they can make it and better. Not only do they produce great furniture pieces with amazing attention to detail, they are also wonderful people that have been extremely supportive and champions of me & my textiles.

Limelight: Kari Fisher | CLOTH & KIND

Pauline Boyd

Limelight: Pauline Boyd of Counterpane | CLOTH & KIND

Hi. My name is… Pauline Boyd

My company is… Counterpane

I’m the… Maker

I make... Quilts of my own design, all one-of-a-kind, with bits of things I find traveling or old clothes, vintage, or found fabrics.

Limelight: Pauline Boyd of Counterpane | CLOTH & KIND

Something you need to know about me is… When I made my first quilt, around 2004, I had never even used a sewing machine. I had no fabric so I just went around the apartment cutting up stuff - literally the sheets, curtains, clothes. I still try to emulate that spirit nowadays.

Limelight: Pauline Boyd of Counterpane | CLOTH & KIND

Here’s how this company came to be… I had been struggling to work as an actress in New York for over ten years and the idea of letting that go started brewing in me. I took off to join my boyfriend in Asia where he was working, and I just took the time to sew and develop my quilting style. He bought me a foot-pedal table sewing machine and we dragged it home in a tuk tuk. When I got back to the states I started to sell pieces, to supportive family and friends, making them on the kitchen floor.  I made a logo, did my tax registration stuff, did a gallery show in LA, and slowly started to get some press and some stores and I’ve been chugging away since then. I started without any kind of business plan, so that’s a big focus right now - media packets, market research. look book, etc - stuff I was too afraid of before but now its clear I owe it to myself in order to really play ball!

My absolute favorite thing we sell right now is… Well, I get sentimental about certain quilts sometimes - since each little bit of fabric in them has a story to me. Right now my favorite thing is a quilt (below) that’s in the wonderful store, Beautiful Dreamers, in Brooklyn. Its made from these old silk shirts of my dad’s from Paris and some worn out tribal jackets and indigo from Vietnam and Laos - stuff I foraged for.  It's a real roots piece for me and embodies that essential quilt philosophy on the re-use of things to make other new beautiful things for ourselves. I’m half a mind to call them and get it back everyday, but its in the right place there!

Limelight: Pauline Boyd of Counterpane | CLOTH & KIND

Here’s a sneak peek of something we’re working on now… A lot is happening right now!  I did my first design job with a big company - a quilt and some pillows for the home department at Anthropologie - available early winter. I’ve been recently cold-calling some of my favorite clothing and textile designers and saying hey, I want to make a quilt from your scraps and I am thrilled to have a few collaborations in the pipeline. I’m always playing around with talented friends - doing some pieced accents on clothes, bags and furniture - seeing what is fun and interesting and marketable.

I’m most proud of… My decision to make this a job. With this work, I get to look at what is in front of me everyday, work with my hands and make something. Its a new dream. Its feels like a second chance at creative fulfillment.

Limelight: Pauline Boyd of Counterpane | CLOTH & KIND

I detest… Planning! I have a ridiculous sense of the timing for this work! I guess no one ever said making quilts was quick and easy but I forget the creative time is important too. I think I can finish something a given day and then a month later I’m still arranging the puzzle pieces, stitching, tweaking... I’m learning to factor in the creative process, not just the construction time.

I could never have done it without this person… I had/have major wonderful support from my family - both financially and emotionally. In terms of the nuts and bolts of actually making a company happen, that would be my man, Chris. His practicality and clarity of thought and vision have been imperative to this process, as I can often get lost in future, the past, or just lose track of what the next action at hand is. He also holds the bar really high from a design perspective and I can bounce ideas off of him or he will challenge me with questions about composition or color. Having to be responsible for my decisions helps me really get behind my own work - it helps me feel proud. I’m not ashamed to say he has been a real backbone to this company!

Limelight: Pauline Boyd of Counterpane | CLOTH & KIND

I consistently read these for inspiration… I love Pinterest of course, mouthwatering. Love Fibercopia and CLOTH & KIND for education.  I read some design/fashion blogs - Design Sponge, Design for Mankind, Remodelista, The Sartorialist - the usual suspects. I read them because they are so well curated but it's not really the world I exist in. I like Blondehaus, Weird Friends, Bleach Black - for a balance from the edgier side of the spectrum.  I’ve got piles of books full of quilt history which are fun to drool over. NYT crossword keeps me fresh - I’ll do that when I need to break my brain from a piece I’m working on. I also have some old school reference books which I need sometimes. Since I’m self taught, I have to learn little tricks wherever I can.

I would like to share the limelight with… Other quilters! There are a lot of young people making quilts - which is really inspiring and exciting to me. People like Meg Callahan, Ashley Thayer, Gina RockenWagner, Maura Grace Ambrose  - they are all doing interesting things with a really old practice.

Limelight: Pauline Boyd of Counterpane | CLOTH & KIND

Rebecca Atwood

Limelight: Rebecca Atwood | CLOTH & KIND

Hi. my name is… Rebecca Atwood

My company is… Rebecca Atwood Designs

I’m the… Creative Director and Founder

I make/design/create… I design and make hand painted, printed, and dyed pillows as well as small paintings.

Limelight: Rebecca Atwood | CLOTH & KIND

Something you need to know about me is… I grew up in a restaurant on Cape Cod - surrounded by the ocean, antiques, and great food!

Limelight: Rebecca Atwood | CLOTH & KIND

Here’s how this company came to be… I have been designing home products for retailers for about 6 years and wanted a new challenge, and to create product that I believed in.  The idea to start my own collection began as a small idea and became something I couldn’t shake - so I decided to give it a try!  I’ve started small and I have plans to grow the business with each season.

Limelight: Rebecca Atwood | CLOTH & KIND

My absolute favorite thing we sell right now is… That’s a hard one! Honestly everything in the collection is something I personally love and would have in my home.  That’s a rule!  A few favorites would be:

Limelight: Rebecca Atwood | CLOTH & KIND

1 | 2 | 3

Here’s a sneak peek of something we’re working on now… I only made one of these over-sized (22”x32”) pillows, and decided to keep it for myself.  It’s so comfy and cozy, perfect for leaning into when reading.  This will definitely be something I carry in the next collection.

Limelight: Rebecca Atwood | CLOTH & KIND

I’m most proud of… Taking the leap! It’s scary to take a big jump like this but I am so happy I did.

I really detest… I can’t say there is anything I really detest, but the financial aspects of running a business like bookkeeping are definitely not my favorite!

I could never have done it without this person… My husband Steve - He’s been so supportive and encouraging.

I consistently read these for inspiration… I am always reading blogs, and I never miss an issue of Lonny magazine.  My favorite printed magazine is probably Australian Vogue Living. I also think it’s really important to get offline, out of the magazines, and books and Pinterest.  I need to spend time making things in the studio, go to an exhibit, walk around the neighborhood – for me that is where most of the inspiration happens.

Limelight: Rebecca Atwood | CLOTH & KIND

I would like to share the limelight with… There are many people I would like to work with.  I really love to collaborate with other creative women, which is what I did for my website.  I worked with Erika Brechtel of Small Shop Studio for the design, Zoe Rooney for the development, and Nicole Franzen for the photography.  I hope to collaborate with some key boutiques around the country next.

Limelight: Rebecca Atwood | CLOTH & KIND

IMAGE CREDITS | All images provided by Rebecca Atwood, her siteblogInstagram.



My company is… AphroChic

I’m the… Creative Director & Founder

I make/design/create…. Eco-friendly textiles and wallpaper.  At AphroChic we create pillows, placemats, table runners, organic shower curtains, and wallpaper all featuring culturally-inspired prints in a modern context.  Our company focuses on sustainability, with all items printed digitally including our wallpaper that’s printed with water-based inks.


IMAGE | AphroChic's Brooklyn Life Table Setting shot by Melanie Acevedo

Something you need to know about me is…. I’m a design junkie.  I write about it on our blog, instagram it, pin it, tweet about it, and it never feels like work - I just love finding new and incredible work that continues to inspire me.

Here’s how this company came to be… In 2007 AphroChic started as an after work hobby for me.  I wanted to fill a gap in the blogosphere, and write about culturally-inspired interior design, home decor products and art.  It was my outlet to write about the works of a diverse group of designers that I love.  Two years later my husband and I started a new adventure, designing our first collection of textiles that featured bright and bold designs including an over-sized ikat print, our silhouette pillows with Black women rocking afros, and our Reflection print with cool cameos.  The journey has continued since that time, as we’ve expanded our work to include wallpaper, and we’re now on the road to completing our first home decor book that will help readers bring their own cultural style home.

My absolute favorite thing we sell right now is… We just launched our spring wallpaper collection, and I am in love with our Juju Black & Gold print.  It’s so glamorous, and the light golden eco-canvas that it’s printed on has just the right amount of shine to make a room sparkle.


IMAGE | AphroChic's Juju wallpaper in Black & Gold. New for Spring 2013 at Graham & Brown.

What I'm working on now is… At night I stay up working on new prints.  There is one I’ve been playing with for some new designs we will release this summer.  Stay tuned for how we will apply it!

I’m most proud of… All that I have accomplished working with my husband.  Every day we get to wake up together and make our dreams come true.  It feels like a gift I’ve been given - to work with someone I love on what I love.  We keep each other motivated, and inspire one another to create beautiful design.


IMAGE | Smilebooth + Martha Stewart Weddings

I really detest… Emails!  There’s just so many of them.  It seems like no matter what time it is - first thing in the morning, or the middle of the night, I’m always swimming through my never-ending inbox. At the same time, I’m glad that it’s full of such interesting things.

I could never have done it without this person... My husband and business partner, Bryan Mason.

I consistently read these for inspiration… What inspires me most these days is Pinterest.  There is always so much beautiful content to explore.  I find that curated boards offer even more inspiration than what I see in magazines or on blogs these days.

I would like to share the limelight with… Malene Barnett of Malene B.  Her custom carpets are globally-inspired and absolutely incredible.  She thinks outside of the box when it comes to rug design, creating absolute works of art.  Her Wolof carpet leaves me in awe.


IMAGES | Top: Malene Barnett | Bottom: An assortment of Malene B's gorgeous carpets as seen in The Selby


L'aviva Home


My company is…. L'aviva Home

I’m the… Founder/Owner

We make/design/create… We work with artisan groups around the globe 'cultivating' collections of luxe home wares (and we're starting to dabble in accessories, as well).

Here’s how this company came to be… L’aviva Home was originally meant to be a two-week long online trunk show, featuring favorite finds from my travels - many encountered during the time in which I worked as a creative director at Travel + Leisure magazine. And now, unbelievably, it's almost 5 years later. What we are doing and how we do it has evolved, but we're still working under the same basic premise - we're drawn to beautiful things, rooted in tradition, with great stories behind them.

My absolute favorite thing we sell right now is… I love, love, love our newest collection, our alpaca 'frazada' pillows. We've been sourcing the vintage frazadas from Bolivia for years. On my last trip there (the main mission of which was to spend time with the ladies who make our incredible hammocks in a tiny village just outside of the Amazon), we planted the seeds for this new collaboration with a group of weavers in the highlands. The pillows draw on tradition in a way that really exemplifies how we most like to work. The process of bringing this collection to be has been incredibly gratifying, and the pillows are striking + luxurious + make me really happy.


Bolivian Alpaca Frazada Pillows

Here’s a sneak peek of something we’re working on now…. This spring, we'll launch our Chiapas deck chairs. It's a true North American collaboration - a joint venture between us, the group of weavers we work with in Chiapas, and a small company in Canada which makes incredible wooden frames. And we're also playing around with ideas for a collection of indigo-dyed scarves made from fabric done by the artisan we work with in Burkina Faso.


NEW FOR SPRING 2013 | Chiapas Deck Chair | Indigo-Dyed Scarf

I’m most proud of…. In a global sense, it's the process of forming these artisan partnerships and effectively bridging cultures that I love most. I derive immense satisfaction from that part of it all. More specifically, I'd say it's the project we have going in Kyrgyzstan, working with groups of artisans there on the creation of our shyrdak felt rug collection. It's been a long journey (metaphorically, and literally) to get to where we are now with this collection, and we've built a really strong team during the course of it. I’m proud of the relationships we have forged and of how we are working together to keep the tradition vital and move it forward via the creation of really beautiful pieces.


Shyrdak Felt Rug + Pillow Collection | Available in Custom Color Combinations

I consistently read these for inspiration…. Essentially the first thing I read every morning, no matter where I am in the world, is Remodelista's daily newsletter. I love what Julie + her team have been doing there since the very beginning. I go through a ton of shelter mags, too. My favorites being the Frenchies (Cote Sud, Marie Claire Maison), The World of Interiors, and Australia's Vogue Living + Travel. And design books a-many - the latest to arrive here in the studio is Roman & William's new book, which I'm flipping through right now. And I'm just delving into Instagram - my attention span for social media can be super short, but Instagram really speaks to me. I love the idea of inspiration via eye candy snippets.

I would like to share the limelight with… I have a long-standing love affair with Casamidy. Jorge + Anne-Marie have phenomenal style, all around, as evidenced in the pieces they design for Casamidy, in their homes, and beyond. I admire hugely what they have built with their company - their ethos, their design sensibility... and they keep it evolving, it always feels dynamic. They really are, to my mind, inimitable. Many try, some quite shamelessly, but none come close to succeeding.



Pulp Design Studios + Home


Our companies are….Pulp Design Studios & Pulp Home

We’re the… BETH: Co-Owner & Principal Interior Designer of Pulp Design Studios, Co-Owner & Creative Director of Pulp Home, founder & blogger of Hello, Splendor

CAROLINA: Co-Owner & Principal Interior Designer of Pulp Design Studios, Co-Owner & Design Director of Pulp Home, blogger at Hello, Splendor


This is what we do… Pulp Design Studios is an award-winning national interior design firm specializing in residential, hospitality, and commercial interior design. We turned love for custom product design and individual style into an upcoming line of home goods, called Pulp Home. The newly launched Pulp Home is a boutique online shop that will bring you original Pulp products, provide access to custom made-to-order pieces designed by Pulp Design Studios, and allow shoppers to experience curated products that have been used in Pulp Design Studios’ coveted spaces.


Pssst... Beth & Carolina have graciously offered a 20% discount on everything at Pulp Home exclusively to CLOTH & KIND readers! Enter CANDK20 at checkout (valid through 01.31.13). Happy shopping! There’s something you need to know about me… BETH: I’m obsessed with television. My very favorite hobby is to get sucked into a good show or marathon. Anything from The Walking Dead, Homeland, and my guilty pleasure Bravo’s Real Housewives.

CAROLINA: I’m a painfully honest person. You either love it or hate it, but you always know what you’re going to get. In fact, if I were a Real Housewife that would be my intro!

Here’s the scoop on how Pulp came to be… We both lived in Dallas and worked together in commercial and hospitality design. As Registered Interior Designers, we both knew how we wanted to do things as designers, and weren’t getting the satisfaction under someone else’s helm. We took a leap and started our company together with the hopes of creating a lifestyle for our clients and customers. We went from taking side jobs on the nights and weekends to now having a full-blown firm, with two locations across the country in Dallas and Seattle, focusing on residential and hospitality projects, and an exciting line of home goods in the works.


My absolute favorite thing we sell right now is… BETH: The Piper lidded box CAROLINA: The Baroque lamp Here’s a peek at what we’re working on right now… The very first Pulp Home original item available to the public is our Starburst Pull. They’ve been requested more than anything we’ve ever designed. You can really update any piece of furniture and make it something extraordinary with these pulls. They’re actually available for pre-order now! Use your CLOTH & KIND exclusive discount code to order them for yourself (CANDK20, valid through 01.31.13).


We’re most proud of… We are really proud to be able to bring great design to all walks of life. We pride ourselves on being able to work within a variety of budgets and have a high/low aesthetic. We have luxury apartments in New York, mansions in Dallas, and also humble brick Tudors in Seattle, along with small residences in Chicago. We’re bringing our home goods design to the market with a high/low approach. And, for those who simply can’t afford good design or even a roof over their head, we give back to many organizations like Dwell with Dignity and Habitat for Humanity.

We really detest… The worst part of our job is it’s unpredictability. But, it’s also the best. As a business owner, it’s a constant struggle to straddle the line of enjoying the unexpected... the client calls, the new opportunities, the fun of doing interviews that you just can’t pass up, and still being able to plan your time. It’s a double-edged sword!


We could never have done it without… Each other. This is truly a team effort. We’re very similar in many ways, but we also balance each other perfectly. Each of us comes to the plate when the other is not as strong and we allow each other to shine in the areas that we’re each good at. We consistently read these for inspiration… BETH: While I love to read, I’m a more visual person... Hands down, Instagram & Pinterest are what I pour over daily for inspiration.

CAROLINA: I have an unhealthy obsession with magazines! Elle Decor, Interiors Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, W Magazine, & House Beautiful are my top mags.


We would like to share the Limelight with… Jeanine of Aphrochic. We just love her aesthetic. We love her drive. And, the best part is that she is so truly genuine! #sharethelimelight



Our companies are… Chairloom, Co-Lab. & Super Rural

I'm the… MOLLY: Founder & Partner at Chairloom, Partner at Co-Lab. TRACY: Partner at both Chairloom and Co-Lab., Founder of Super Rural.

We make/design/create… Chairloom is an antique & vintage furniture reupholstery business offering (very special) fabric consultation to our clients. Co-Lab. is a collaboration between Chairloom & Super Rural. Co-Lab. is also developing a line of custom furniture pieces – benches, ottomans, and headboards. Super Rural offers Tracy’s infamous 'For Like Ever' prints.


Something you need to know about me is… MOLLY: Thanks to Chairloom, I’ve become obsessed with taking pictures. For this I am grateful. (Note from Krista: you definitely want to follow Chairloom on Instagram) TRACY: I am obsessed with design! And I have an amazing kiddo who has taught me to see so many things, among them to be grateful every day and to see the world differently.

Here’s how this company came to be… MOLLY: I’ve always been drawn to unique home furnishings and clothing, mostly due to textile appreciation. Chairloom is a marriage of unique textiles and unique furniture. When I was at the stage in life of needing to own furniture, I gained great satisfaction from choosing textiles & pieces that were “different” and my friends/peers pointed out to me that I had a unique “eye". TRACY: Molly Andrews is how Chairloom came to be. We met in 2010 while working together and our shared interests and experiences got us to talking. Gradually, ever so gradually, we just naturally started to collaborate. This led to Co-Lab., a collaboration between Chairloom & Super Rural and eventually to a partnership in Chairloom.

My absolute favorite thing we sell right now is… MOLLY: Co-Lab.’s benches. The century bench in Ryan Parker’s fabric and the X-benches like this recent one done for a client in Sister Parish’s Albert fabric.


TRACY: We have three amazing Milo Baughmann chairs for sale. They will all be incredible when re-done and I am anxiously awaiting someone to choose one and select an amazing textile. Space permitting, I'd redo this one for myself in a heartbeat. I also really love our custom pieces. There are endless options and opportunities for something perfect and special for your home in here.


I’m most proud of… MOLLY: Our philosophy of second chances. TRACY: I have to agree with Molly on our overall theme of sustainability through renewal and second chances - both literally and metaphorically.


I really detest… MOLLY: I wish we had a 20,000 square foot storage facility. TRACY: There is not enough time (social media could take up all my waking hours) or space - we are constantly bursting at the seams in our storage spaces.


I could never have done it without this person… MOLLY: A small business owner I know and friend named Kate Olson. She is currently taking a hiatus from the public design world. Not only does she have the best taste of anyone I know, but she escorted me to the Brooklyn Flea on opening day. I credit that event to Chairloom’s real start. TRACY: Molly Andrews! And my daughter without whom I might well be working regular 16-hour days in an agency somewhere...

I consistently follow these for inspiration... MOLLY: Lonny magazine, Rue magazine, RemodelistaHable Construction, Walter G’s blog, John Robshaw, John Derian, Andy Spade on Instagram, Pinterest, Instagram, Anthology magazine. TRACY: New York magazine, The New Yorker magazine, Lonny magazine, Hable Construction’s various social media forms, Eye magazine, CLOTH & KIND, Pinterest, Elle Décor (mainly via social media), Monocle (my husband is obsessed with this mag – the design and content is impressive), T magazine, Vanity Fair magazine (guilty pleasure!)


I would like to share the limelight with… MOLLY: Proud Mary. TRACY:  Esther Ramirez who makes the most simple, sweet and gorgeous graphically bold prints and cut paper pieces.

Pass it on. #sharethelimelight

Sara Kate Studios

This is a brand new CLOTH & KIND column called Limelight. I'm kind of geekily (is that even a word?) excited about it because at its core this column just feels really good to me - and I hope you agree. It's all about shining a well-deserved spotlight on creative, hard-working, and just plain old good people who are busy doing what they love in life, and in the process making their corners of the world better and prettier places to be.

Limelight is about giving props and spreading the love.


And perhaps the best part about this new column is that at the end of each post, the interviewee will tell us who they would like to share the Limelight with. Welcome to the Limelight, and please meet Sara Kate. I'm the… Owner, Scout & Stylist.

This is what I do…. Travel the country trying to find unique vintage and modern day finds for clients, as well as helping style a plethora of projects...interiors, parties, photoshoots - you name it, and I'll style it.


Something you really need to know about me is…. I am a sucker for the details. I am a fiend for the unusual. I adore things that tell a story, and have character.

This is how Sara Kate Studios came to be… After years preparing to work at a commercial architecture firm I had a bit of a panic attack. The idea of working in a cubicle and not being able to focus on details just wrecked me. After a serious conversation with loved ones I decided to venture out on my own. People had always loved the vintage finds that I had collected, even going so far as to try and buy them out of my house... It seemed only natural to move in the direction of my passion. It happened organically and slowly, but looking back what I had been working towards had been there for quite some time... I just needed to put the pieces together and have the gumption to take the risk.


My absolute favorite thing that I sell right now is… I have had a serious hankering for botanical charts lately. My mother loved to garden growing up, so I have a certain fondness and nostalgia for flowers. I recently happened upon some Swedish botanical charts from the 1920's, and also some German botanical charts from the late 1800's. They are so lovely, and not something that you see every day.

I'm most proud of …. My amazing customers and the culture that we are creating together.

I really detest…. Nothing. My job is an adventure every day with new challenges and rewards popping up around every corner.

I could never have done it without… My mother. She definitely has an entreprenurial spirit, and has been so incredibly encouraging along the way. She encourages me to take risks, make wise choices, and that these things take time. She would often tell me that "people fail not because they have bad ideas, but because they give up too soon", and that's something I've embraced.

I consistently read these for inspiration…. I adore Matchbook magazine. Those girls have such a great aesthetic, and I can certainly relate to their idea of "classic with a twist". Also, I must admit that I still have all of my Domino magazines and will peruse them from time to time. That magazine really did wonders for me, and when I was 19 I put Domino magazine on my bucket list. The idea of being featured by them was something that I would daydream about.


I would like to share the limelight with… I definitely adore what I've lately begun to refer to a my kindred spirits. I am clinging to this idea that there are other women out there, my age, venturing off doing their own thing. One of these women in certainly Shannon Darrough. She's recently begun her own interiors business, Poplin & Queen, and I love that not only is she smart and talented, but she's also eager and willing to do whatever she needs to do. She's focused on her clients, and she's also focused on improving the way that she operates her business.