Springtime Floral Tips

Warmer temps are just around the corner, and we’re totally enamored with all things floral in prep for Spring. To get us ready, we enlisted the help our favorite Ann Arbor florist, University Flower Shop, to fill our vases and vessels with springtime bounty and share their top tips for what’s hot in the world of flora and fauna.


Florals: silver dollar eucalyptus, white agapanthus (aka Lily of the Nile), lisianthus, blue thistle, curly willow and lavender

Also pictured: wallpaper (left panel) bespoke CLOTH & KIND design with Paper Mills, wallpaper (right panel) Topo Hum by Paper Mills


Florals: mauve Japanese ranunculus

Also pictured: wallpaper (left panel) Vales by Paper Mills, wallpaper (right panel) Topo Hum by Paper Mills


Florals: seeded eucalyptus, white anemone, buttercream French tulips, mums

Also pictured: Orange Mu pillow by Madeline Weinrib, Beauty Everyday book by Rinne Allen, Kristen Bach and Rebecca Wood


Florals: blueperium, pink French tulips, white agapanthus (aka Lily of the Nile), maidenhair fern, peach Japanese ranuncules, carnations

Another vase you’ll love: Naiad Sculpture by Honi Werner


Florals: blueperium, silver dollar eucalyptus, spiral eucalyptus, Italian ruscus, baby's breath, white stock, white spray roses, white roses, curly willow, delphinium

Also pictured: Tiger and Magpie wallpaper by Krane Home


A huge thanks to University Flower Shop in Ann Arbor, MI for these luscious arrangements and tips.


Looking for more inspiration?


Pulp Design Studios + S. Harris

CLOTH & KIND // Inspired, Pulp Design Studios + S. Harris

We want to give a huge shoutout to our badass friends over at Pulp Design Studios!  Co-Founders and Principal Interior Designers Carolina V. Gentry and Beth Dotolo just debuted an insanely cool textile line in collaboration with S. Harris!  Major heart eyes, check it out here and also feast your eyes below.

CLOTH & KIND // Inspired, Pulp Design Studios + S. Harris

Beth & Carolina describe pulling from their love of adventure when working through the product development phase, and it is undeniably apparent in each and every pattern and colorway.  From jewel-toned Art Deco-esque patterns to globally inspired designs in bright colors, the Pulp Design Studios and S. Harris collaboration has us endlessly inspired.  

CLOTH & KIND // Inspired, Pulp Design Studios + S. Harris

From one design duo to another, we are sending all of our love to y'all and can't wait to begin incorporating your fabrics into our design projects!!


Meet Schumacher's Director of Design, Pam Marshall

As long time lovers of venerable textile house, Schumacher (who isn't?!), we've thoroughly enjoyed watching Dara Caponigro work her magic since taking the helm as Creative Director last September. Turning tradition on its head, Schumacher is shaking things up big time - including going bold from a design standpoint and launching a brand spankin' new collection each and every month. Leading this charge from a design development & production standpoint is Pam Marshall. Y'all are going to enjoy her enthusiastic responses as much as we did, we're quite certain!

CLOTH & KIND // Meet Schumacher's Director of Design, Pam Marshall

C&K // Tell us about your role at Schumacher.

PM // As Director of Design, I lead the Schumacher studio in the development and production of our entire product line. This encompasses all categories: prints, wovens, wallcovering and trims. We begin with a collection concept, which I work on with Dara Caponigro, our Creative Director. Inspiration can come from several vantage points. We collaborate on design ideas, production methods (is it an embroidery? Is it a print?) and choose the ultimate way to realize each design. Once that is set, we begin the process of creating the designs and colorways for each. I initially discuss this with our two amazingly talented senior designers, Hilary Pharr and Allison Block. I definitely do not subscribe to set color palettes, each design has a very unique personality and mood. I strongly believe that the color should fit the design, not the other way around. Seeing color is an emotional experience, and you need to strike the right chord. Once everything has been developed, we do a final edit of the designs and colorways in each collection to check that they have translated in a way that speaks to the Schumacher brand. Anything that is not quite right does not make the cut. All of our designers work across all product types, which is unique. They are an incredibly talented team, each bringing a different view to design and color. We have a very fluid and collaborative way of working, and it is reflected in our product.

C&K // How does what you're doing now differ from how you have worked at Schumacher in the past?

PM // It has been a career highlight to be a part of Schumacher’s recent evolution. In the past, while we still created beautiful products, we approached everything in a very expected, formulaic manner. I suppose that there is a certain amount of safety in routine, but with that comes stagnation. I actually believe this had become an industry wide issue, and is ultimately what signaled the need for someone to lead the change. We are now launching collections monthly, have the most agile, forward thinking design and marketing teams, and are continually addressing trends while they are at their peak of relevance. We are also one of the few companies still creating original artwork in-house, which gives our product a definite edge. It is a challenge for a brand as historic as Schumacher to evolve while staying true to its’ roots. We have achieved that, and we are stronger than ever.

C&K // Tell us about a typical day as Director of Design at Schumacher (if there is even such a thing?!)

PM // No day is typical, but that is what keeps things exciting. One constant is regularly reviewing design and color progress with the studio team, adjusting and trying different options until it is just right. I am always seeking new methods of production to be sure that we are approaching every project in the best possible way, also making sure to take the time to test more innovative ideas to ensure that people keep looking to us as the go-to source for the latest and greatest. Schumacher also collaborates with some very talented and creative designers, and I will meet with them over the course of their collections. I love working on those collaborations, as it brings a special kind of energy to creating product. Finally, there is the business side. I spend time reading sales reports, in pricing meetings, and portfolio strategy meetings. I am extremely interested in this side of the design process, and I think it is important to approach design with a pragmatic lens, keeping focus on a clear understanding of our brand and audience at all times.

C&K // What is your absolutely favorite part of this gig?

PM // All of it! Truly, I would have to say the people. There is a collective passion, energy, and trailblazing spirit that can be felt throughout the company. We are in a market that requires constant evolution in order to stay on top, and the only way to do that is with people that are willing to step outside of their comfort zone to get there.

C&K // What are you most excited about for the future of Schumacher?

PM // We are definitely in a position to capitalize on our steady upward trajectory and growth. I would like to see us continue to innovate and make new discoveries, bringing unique perspectives to design in ways that nobody else can. We have set the bar incredibly high, and intend to raise it. We definitely have some amazing surprises ahead!

C&K // What are your personal 5 favorite textiles from the line? ... and top 3 wallpapers?

PM // It is close to impossible to choose, but here is my short list (for today, at least!):

1. Peacock in Emerald. This is traditional and cool at the same time. I love the stylized birds and flowers, and the edge of the black with emerald green is fabulous.

2. Venetian Silk Velvet. I love a little luxe, and this is it! It evokes the glamour of 1930s Hollywood, has an amazing hand, and looks incredible in every single color.

3. Khotan Weave in Aubergine. I cannot say enough about the thick, tapestry like quality of the cloth, in combination with the Tibetan tiger and flower motifs. And the color! It hits all the right notes of casual and luxe at the same time.

4. Pearl River in Opal. This print was originally produced by Schumacher in 1918, and I never tire of looking at it. It is traditional yet quirky, 99 years old yet thoroughly modern. This colorway, with its contrast of creams, greys and blush with graphic charcoal is stunning.

5. Ze’bre Epingle in Java/Ivory. The scale. The color. The luxe mix of loop and pile. The element of animal. A true classic that will never, ever go out of style.

1. Claridge in Indigo. I love the raffia-like quality of this woven textured wallpaper. The large scale of the irregular waves give it an artisanal feel, and the rich color gives it a shot of luxe. This is going in the hallways of my home.

2. Metalliferous in Gold. Glamorous in the most sophisticated way. This is handmade, with a raised texture in a metallic gold with a richly worn patina. I have this in my dining room.

3. Etoiles et Points in Warm Silver. A soft metallic ground with hand printed stars and flocked dots. Infusing old world technique with a rock-n-roll edge. This is a new to our portfolio, and I am sure to find a place for it in my home!

C&K // How would you describe your personal interior design aesthetic?

PM // My personal interior design aesthetic is fairly eclectic. I like things to feel open, airy and comfortable, but I definitely like a little bit of glamour. My approach is to have some solid basic investments that are constants, and that can evolve with you over time. Also, I don’t subscribe to one specific design style or period. There are too many amazing things out there to limit yourself to a single lane! Things don’t have to match, or be from the same era. Mix high and low. My feeling is that if you truly love the things you choose to live with, they will always work together. The layering of meaningful things over time is what makes your space your home.

C&K // What's your personal faveorite social media platform?

PM // I love Instagram for the fact that it is strictly visual. It attracts such a wide variety of artists and designers at all levels and mediums. It is like getting a glimpse inside their world for a minute, and I am always fascinated to see what drives and inspires people. Of course I love Schumacher’s Instagram. It is a thrill every time I see how our incredibly talented clients use our product once it is out there in the world!

C&K // What are some of your top sources for inspiration?

PM // There are so many sources, and you never know when inspiration might strike. I would say the best inspiration happens when you are not really looking for it, and the reaction to something is more visceral than intellectual. That being said, I am always looking to art and fashion, running the gamut from the couture shows to people on the street. I have a large collection of vintage magazines and old art books, and something new can be found every time I look at them. I also obsess over the unparalleled style of old movies from the 30s and 40s. For more of the moment ideas, I look at Nowness, Cool Hunting, and Moda Operandi.


For more Schumacher goodness, check back next month for our upcoming Proust on Design interview with Dara Caponigro!

Bespoke Wallpaper Collaboration with Paper Mills for Serenbe

This Thursday, September 8, 2016 marks the VIP opening (consider yourself cordially invited) of the annual Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles' Serenbe showhouse... and the debut of our first ever product design (EEEK!), a bespoke wallpaper mural based on our interpretation of a modern southern landscape, which we created in deep, soulful collaboration with one of our favorite artists & wallpaper designers, Amy Mills of Paper Mills in California. 

We cannot wait to share loads of images with y'all from the event at Serenbe later this week, and you'll certainly see it in print in the December issue of AH&L, but in the meantime please take a few moments to follow our cross-country creative collaboration journey with Amy in this absolutely lovely short film about the project. 

You can also follow along with the hashtags #serenbetextilelofts &  #clothandkindpluspapermills on Instagram but we definitely hope to see you in the flesh on Thursday night!

CLOTH & KIND // Krista & Tami

Gold Leaf Love

We recently had the great pleasure of attending the West Coast Art & Framing Expo with a group of interior design tastemakers (including our girls Holly, Cathy & Vicki) all of whom had been invited by Steve & Jill McKenzie. In his former life, Steve was CEO of Larson Juhl, and he was asked by the WCAF founders to bring a few of his interior designer friends down to the Paris hotel in Las Vegas to increase interest and excitement about the framing industry and the tremendous creative opportunities that framing affords us... 

CLOTH & KIND // Gold Leaf Love
Practicing our 'popping & locking' technique!

... and let us just tell you, we left extremely excited about so much of what we saw! Our brains are literally spinning with ideas of ways we can truly make our client's works of art shine. We'll have a few Journal posts in the coming weeks to recap our time in Vegas, but absolutely have to start by telling you about the two artisinal framing companies that made our hearts race.  


First, Goldleaf Framemakers out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. There seriously are not be words to adequately describe how stunningly gorgeous the work of  is, but these pictures will help us convey our sentiments.

Marty Horowitz, the genius craftsman behind this company, literally wrote the book on gold leaf framemaking, as he's been well known in the gilding industry for many years, and his book "An Introduction to Water Guilding" has become the bible for guilders internationally. His work is un-be-lievable! 

He also happens to be a super cool guy, which makes the prospect of working with him on custom projects just darn fun. 

Go peruse the site for more inspiration in any number of distinct historical styles including Impressionist, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, French, Contemporary / Modernist, American & Concerto... and contact Marty directly for any wild hairbrained creative framing idea you may have. Custom is right up his alley and he's got the skills to make it happen.


Second, the impeccable work of Rhonda Feinman. Just like Marty, Rhonda uses only genuine gold leaf on her handcrafted frames, and they are breathtaking. This pattern below, which we spied at her booth at WCAF, had us completely entranced. It's available in a wider version as well as a narrower version (shown here, nested together) - both amazing!

All of Rhonda's custom frames are made in their NY facility with the utmost respect for the legacy of centuries of craftsmanship in frame making. Artisans at the company hand carve, cast and apply decorative composition ornament, then guild with only genuine gold leaf to produce sensitive and faithful reproductions of fine antique frames. 

Also very well known for their repair and restoration work of antique frames, Rhonda Feinman is where it's at when it comes to recreating lost ornaments, cleaning and refinishing or even completely resizing or replicating original antique frames. 

More reports from our time at the WCAF show coming soon, but in the meantime we'd love to hear from you on your favorite framing resources, tips, ideas or questions. Leave a comment below.

IMAGE CREDITS // All photos taken by Krista & Tami of CLOTH & KIND except first image of the Paris Hotel and fifth image of a Goldleaf Framemakers frame which were taken by Holly Phillips of The English Room.  SOURCES // Goldleaf Framemakers & Rhonda Feinman Custom Frames.

Seema's Pinwheel

Our friend and talented textile designer, Seema Krish, has just unveiled her new line of solids in the most beautiful hues! The Pinwheel collection of Linen/Cotton blends comes in fourteen colors ranging from Goa Sand to Peacock Blue to Cherry Lane Red, all that perfectly match her vibrant patterns from past collections. 

Get inspired by following along on Seema's Instagram where she is highlighting the 14 colors in action over 14 days. You just might be the lucky winner of their giveaway - a signed edition of Pantone: The 20th Century in Color and a tote bag in one of Seema's signature patterns that we love so much.  

CLOTH & KIND // Krista & Tami

Brian Paquette Textiles

We're grooving on our friend Brian Paquette's new European inspired textile line. He just recently introduced three bold geometric patterns - Brussels, Saint MaloEdinburgh - and each one comes to life with a sophisticated yet unpretentious air in their muted hues of gray, black and white. 

Brian tells us about his inspiration behind each design...

BRUSSELS (Above) // ' Geometric and solid, these angles embrace. Set between sprawling Paris and intimate Amsterdam, the eclectic home of Magritte captured my attention. The city's proud art and architecture impresses. A similar pattern appeared prominently in the King of the Belgians' museum-like home.' 

SAINT MALO (Above) // 'Woven and light, these lines are delicate. En route to Normandy we stopped in this seaside city encircled by mighty stone walls. Having rushed to the top of its breezy ramparts to witness the setting of the sun before dinner, floors in the tiny restaurant we happened upon inspired this pattern.'

EDINBURGH (Above) // 'Ordered and bright, these diamonds glisten. Following a hike up the damp green peak of Arthur's Seat, a visit to the Queen's storied Palace of Holyroodhouse revealed the unexpected parquet that inspired this pattern. I've never felt more at home abroad than in this enchanting city.' - Brian Paquette

For more information, or to purchase yardage, contact Brian Paquette Interiors directly. You'll find these and many other gorgeous textiles for the home that have been curated by CLOTH & KIND in our Textile Files on Pinterest

CLOTH & KIND // Krista & Tami

Tracey Tubb's Origami Wallpaper

Tracey Tubb's origami wallpaper stopped me in my tracks as I rounded the aisles at last fall's Tent London, during the London Design Festival.  A graduate of Britain's Royal College of Art, Tracey is a perfectionist.  She designs and creates her origami wallpaper in single strips that she folds by hand  "with meticulous attention to detail that borders on obsession." 

Tracey's wallpaper is available as single drops to be used as art, or as a whole wall installation. She welcomes bespoke commissions.   

To view more wallpaper - like Tracey's - that's loved by Krista & Tami of CLOTH & KIND, check out their curated Textile Files on Pinterest, especially the Wallpaper board

Image Credits //  Photo of framed wall panel and header  by Lynn Byrne.   Other images and quote from Tracey Tubb's website.

Fromental's Printed Wallpapers

It is a dream come true.  If you are like us, you salivate over the gorgeousness of Fromental's handprinted wallpapers, some of which are even embroidered.  And while those papers may be the gold star, truth be told, all that hand-done goodness comes a cost that not everyone can afford.  But we have great news for you.

Fromental is now producing printed chinoiserie wallpapers that are far more accessible in price and in our humble opinion look damn good!  What do you think?  

Known as their Studio Fromental line,  every order is still custom made to the client's requirements and begins with a hand drawing.  Advancements in image capture and print, however,  allow the company to deliver the elegant wallpaper that it is known for much more economically.  

You even have a choice.  At the lowest price point are their Florent papers that while stunning, are entirely printed. Florent is available in 22 standard color ways, and can be customized in a variety of ways. 

You also could kick it up a notch and choose a wallpaper that is printed on a hand brushed  ground, such as this beauty from Fromental's Bambois range. 

Either way, choosing beautiful chinoiserie wallpaper for your home is now a realistic proposition for many more folks.  We are so inspired!

Photo Credits // All images courtesy of Fromental. 

Rachel Rogers Design

Today we are inspired by the refreshingly original and wonderful artwork of Rachel Rogers and are pinning her custom crests onto our client's private Pinterest boards like mad... how darling would one of these be framed in a child's room?


ABOUT // Rachel Rogers is a New York-based artist known for her playful bespoke heraldry. A San Francisco native, Rogers attended Parsons School of Design prior to working under Rodrigo Corral. Rogers' ink and water-color creations are both whimsical and elegant and reflect the personal components of her clientele. Go check her out!

Shapes by Christian May

When we were out in LA for all of the LCDQ Legends events, we got to hang with our super cool, irreverent and charming buddy Christian May of Maison21 and check out his innovative new Shapes rug collection which he designed exclusively for 27 Ground, run by our talented friend Ginna Christensen. Shapes is a collection of modern, geometric-influenced cowhide rugs. Each design is completely customizable in shape, pattern and color for infinite possibilities.

We asked Christian what his inspiration behind this insanely good collection was and here is what he had to say (note: we we whispering like big old dorks because there was an LCDQ Legends panel discussion happening in the room behind us! True multi-taskers, we were.)...

Look at all of the amazing things that can happen when we disconnect ourselves from wi-fi! Thank you, Christian, for sharing with us and huge, heartfelt congratulations on Shapes, which in our humble opinion is some damn good and truly innovative rug design.


Shapes rugs are available exclusively through 27 Ground at Woven Accents. IMAGE CREDITS | Photo & video taken by Krista Nye Schwartz of CLOTH & KIND.


If you live in the same interior design & creative based world that we do, you've with no doubt been exposed to the magical new app called Waterlogue by now. It's pretty much taken over our (Krista & Tami) Instagram feeds and we are utterly obsessed with its ability to turn average pictures into watery works of art. Here's a few of our recent faves.

Have fun painting, and please show us your pretty masterpieces!


Kuba Cloth Inspired Hardware

We think it's pretty cool when we see design inspiration coming from textiles and so when we came across Du Verre Hardware's Kuba collection by Clodagh when we were in Los Angeles for BlogTourLA, we were instantly smitten.

You may already know about our deep appreciation of Kuba Cloth from our recent Provenance post on the topic, but if you haven't already seen it please check it out here. It's brimming with Kuba goodness & inspiration, and remains one of our favorite posts to-date!

BlogTourLA: Kuba Cloth Inspired Hardware | CLOTH & KIND

So tell us, what are you loving lately that was inspired by Kuba Cloth?


Haz from ZAK+FOX

You all know how much we admire Zak Profera of ZAK+FOX already, right? So you'll totally get why we're about to oooo and ahhh over his brand new collection titled Haz which is based on the artistry, history and traditions of Anatolia. Haz, which is the Turkish word for enchantment, perfectly describes how we are feeling about these four gorgeous new textiles.

Zak continues to demonstrate that he is a creative superpower, brimming with ideas that somehow bridge ancient and modern, and keep us all wanting more. We had the privilege of seeing the brand new textiles at Nicky Rising while we were out west for BlogTourLA, and oh my god, are they stunning! Go see for yourself, and prepare to be enchanted.


Hand Painted Wall Panels

Inspired: Hand Painted Wall Panels | CLOTH & KIND

We are dying to use these exquisite hand painted wall panels from Dessin Fournir in an upcoming design project. You can totally see why, can't you?

Inspired: Hand Painted Wall Panels | CLOTH & KIND
Inspired: Hand Painted Wall Panels | CLOTH & KIND
Inspired: Hand Painted Wall Panels | CLOTH & KIND

How incredible are they?!... and which would you love to see gracing the walls in your own home? Tami is swooning in all her southern charm over Property of a Gentleman and I'm head over heels for the classic Chinoiserie look of West Fifty-Third. We can dream, can't we?


Shop Online at Madeline Weinrib

Inspired: Shop Online at Madeline Weinrib | CLOTH & KIND

Oh, happy Friday! Madeline Weinrib has just relaunched her website and is debuting her first ever online store, allowing all of us non-New York'ers to buy  her gorgeous wares to our hearts content.

“My new website was carefully created with both the online shopper and interior designer in mind,” said Weinrib. “I wanted to ensure that both audiences receive an immersive and engaging online experience tailored to their individual needs.”

The site presents visitors with the option to “Shop” or “Discover.” Under the “Shop” section visitors will have unprecedented online access Madeline’s signature carpets, pillows, furniture, fashion, and accessories. The “Shop” section will also feature new online-only pieces created exclusively for the website.

The “Discover” component of the site will invite visitors to experience the many threads that inform Madeline’s vision, including insightful blog posts on her inspiration, travels, profiles on artists and designers around the world, and updates on Madeline’s work as International Ambassador for Project Mala, a non-profit working to eliminate child labor in the carpet-weaving region of India.

In addition to unique design elements that cater to online shoppers, the new offers members of the trade the opportunity to login and unlock special features reserved exclusively for interior designers, including sitewide trade pricing, seamless sample ordering, and online access to trade-only products.

Happy weekend & happy shopping, y'all!