A New Chapter

A New Chapter | CLOTH & KIND

The ability to tell a story through design is a concept that resonates deeply with me, and one that often times lends itself to the most interesting and unique of interior spaces. Storytelling is, by its very virtue, something that when thoughtfully crafted can weave its way into a room or an entire house in so many different ways - through the personal artifacts that make up one's most prized possessions, acquired over time, each with meaningful nods to distant memories, through vintage textiles that have been lovingly hand stitched or embroidered in a time long ago, through quirky items picked up on travels both near and far, through inspirational cutting-edge new designs and timeless modern pieces from the likes of Eames or Nakashima, through pieces of art that speak to you at the most fundamental of levels. Yes, good design is as much about storytelling as it is about creating beautiful, livable spaces.

When I first met Tami Ramsay, our fast friendship felt a bit like an old and very familiar story - one filled with chapters of all sorts of things in common, a similar approach to and appreciation of interior design, each of us with an open book personality type ingrained with honesty, humor and a nitty gritty work ethic. Tami fit in to my life as easily and naturally as if I'd known her since my youth, which astonished me as much as it delighted me. As with any good storyline the plot began to thicken because, you see, in the story that is CLOTH & KIND, the only thing lacking from the entire experience for me has been a partner in crime - someone at my side to collaborate, laugh, sweat and dream with. Someone who shares in my vision and believes in it as much as me. Over the last year it's become obvious to both of us that we are that person to one another.

And so for the next chapter in CLOTH & KIND, I am beyond thrilled to announce that Tami has officially joined forces with me. Together, we will continue editing the blog, which we believe is a truly unique source of original & curated content, and are excited to fully collaborate within our joint interior design practice - leveraging our complimentary experiences and skill sets to create the most storied of spaces for our clients.

Welcome to CLOTH & KIND. Our story has only just begun.