ABOUT THE DXV DESIGN PANEL // In 2015, Krista & Tami were selected by DXV, the luxury division of American Standardto participate in their second annual Design Panel.  DXV hand selected seven renowned designers to create their own unique and well-appointed spaces, inspired by classic works of literature. CLOTH & KIND chose Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen as their inspiration and what follows is their creative output ... [ see below for more information about the inspiration behind CLOTH & KIND's set design ]

Water for Elephants  spoke to us on many levels, but primarily because of the beautifully tragic nature of the love story that unfolded in a third rate traveling circus, at the start of the Great Depression, between Marlena, the heroine and an orphan with no where else to turn, and her lover Jacob, the circus vet. The pages are filled with freaks and clowns, wonder and pain, anger and passion, which created a unique design opportunity for us to imagine what Marlena's only real retreat and refuge - her personal dressing room in a train car - may have looked like. Check out our Journal post and our Pinterest board on this wonderful project to learn more about what inspired us and for a sneak peek into our creative process.


PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS // Earl Kendall and Selena Salfen