The Textile Files

The Textile Files

Nowhere is Krista’s textile addiction more evident than on Pinterest. Since the launch of this social media phenom she’s been fervently pinning into The Textile Files – folders she created for fabrics sorted by hue. Her golden rule for pinning is simple – she only pins what she absolutely loves. The result is an extremely well-curated collection of the best, most beautiful interior fabrics available (+ many other design related folders).

But please don’t take just our word for it…

Presently Pinning


  1. Love fabric and pattern as well, glad to have found you, great site.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. I am so addicted to your daily textile inspirations that I find myself wonderfully distracted from my tasks on hand each day. As a solo entrepreneur one of the things I crave is the often needed collaboration that is missing. Thanks for helping fill that space!