Palette No. 37

Palette No. 37 | CLOTH & KIND
This week literally flew passed us! What about you? We’re most definitely behind on our usual blog posts because we’ve been so laser focused on some cool new client projects and on getting our revamped website ready to launch… but we can hardly believe it’s Friday (night, at that!) and we’re just now getting our first post of the week up. Ah well, such is life. We try to take it all in stride and enjoy the ride, even though the route may not always be the one we had planned.

So it may be late but this Palette is worth it, no? Rather delicious if we do say so ourselves.
TOP RIGHT | Limited Edition Old Flores Indonesian Ikat Pillow from non-perishable goods
TOP LEFT | Le Marche in Indigo from Clarence House (#34418-5)
BOTTOM | Maharani Wallpaper from Osborne & Little (#W6022-02)

Happy weekend you guys.


  1. Gorgeous one girls – have an ikat pillow purchased in Bali nearly identical, but this one’s cooler with the trim. Pattern mix is rich perfection. xoxo