Inspired: India With Ace & Lotta

I lived in India for a year as a child and am fairly convinced that the entire experience had a rather profound effect on me,  instilling in me that irrational obsession for vibrant textiles with a global aesthetic. I have not been back there since I was in the third grade, but have long dreamed of the day I’d return. Truly, I thought it would happen before I had children but for one reason or another it never did. Michael and I had lots of other wonderful travel adventures during that time, but India wasn’t one of them. For the last 5 years, I haven’t ventured away from the kids for much longer than a few days at a time, and have always been within a quick plane ride home… nor would I have wanted to. Luckily, CLOTH & KIND has been instrumental in my life by helping to fill that international travel void. It has allowed me to spend my time dreaming about and posting on the very textiles and far-off locations that I hope to one day visit (again). However, I do believe the time has come to make my deep-rooted love of global travel spring back to life.

All of this is to say that when I saw the news of this journey to Jaipur, India with textile extraordinare Lotta Jansdotter and Angela Ritchie’s Ace Camps there was this huge light bulb that went off in my head. I could actually do this! The kids are old enough… I have a wonderful and very capable husband and nanny who would easily be able to manage the kids… (I have intentionally not yet thought to how much I’d miss Alex & Tahlia, and for the sake of this fantasy I won’t yet go there)… It’s kind of the perfect time in CLOTH & KIND’s  life cycle as well. The blog has grown into, dare I say, a somewhat well-known & respected design platform and my interior design business is actually more than I could possibly ask for, for which I am beyond grateful. So, yes, the timing is right and stars are aligned.

Now, if only I’m able to a) figure out how in the heck I’m going to pay for this and b) snag one of the coveted 10 spots. I’m already dreaming of the incredibly creative and talented people I’ll meet on this trip. Will you be one of them?


  1. I’ll go with you!!!

    • Oh my god… Can you imagine what a blast we would have?! Are you serious about going? I’m talking moolah with my partner in crime (aka Michael) tonight to determine if I can swing it.

  2. You would love it – the trip sounds wonderful and so complete with every facet of print block design included in the tour. The Anokhi Museum is charming and visiting Anokhi, Soma, and the other popular stores gives you such a full picture of what the medium can be traditionally. Ratan is a good stop too — they print right in their back rooms. It is amazing to see a design come to life from the block being carved to it being tested out with color for the first time on the tables. Amazing. I go every year and wish always that I had more time.

    • Thanks so much, Meg! I may contact you to chat (if that’s ok?) if I end up securing a spot on this trip. By the way, your store looks lovely… I was just in Scottsdale and wish I had known about you… I would have come by! Next time.

  3. Krista,
    If you do make it to Jaipur….for the love of hand crafted textiles….I will be happy to…….assist…help…support….guide…even host (free stay – so you can save on your hotel bills)…..A field trip to BAGRU would be ideal for the block making and printing…Another interesting region after Rajasthan would be Gujarat (the two provinces rich in Textile crafts..)
    come come….there is so much to see….you will never have enough time…or space in bags to take back so much…

    • Thank you so much, Yogesh! We will most definitely have to plan time together if I end up coming. I will keep you posted. My fingers are crossed! It would be a true pleasure to meet you and your students.

  4. Really hope you get to go Krista!!! What an adventure! xxx

    • Kind, Jenny. Any chance you’d voyage from Australia to meet me in India? ;-) What a load of fun we’d have together. I’m enjoying seeing all of your lovely Instagram picts – your gardens and divine (and so are your cute doggies).

  5. Hi Krista – Please do email and let me know any questions you have. We love India and have been going since 1996 or so — I’d love to chat.
    Do visit the store if you are back in Scottsdale – we are big lovers of the wide world of textiles!
    What a wonderful site you have – I am so glad I stumbled upon it.
    Cheers, Meg

  6. UPDATE: Michael agreed that this trip was the chance of a lifetime for me. I was all set to register tomorrow morning when I double checked my calendar because I had a gnawing feeling that there was a conflict. Sure enough… I’m standing up in the wedding of one of my oldest and dearest friends on Oct. 13. So India isn’t in the cards this go around, but SOON…. Please keep me posted if any of you are going on this trip. I’ll be wanting to live vicariously through you!