Featured Fabrics

Nearly every design element on this site started with a fabric. From the header, which we built around the gorgeous curvy dots in Les Indiennes’ Angeline to the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ arrows created out of Pierre Frey‘s brilliant geometric metallic Kubus. In order to unify the design, and to allow the bright colors of the fabrics and interiors that we post about daily to truly shine, we intentionally lightened and muted the fabrics in the header & sidebar from their original colors to a soft grey. Other fabrics used throughout the site are in their original, bright colorways.

Here are each of the special textiles and non-textile based graphics used in the design of CLOTH & KIND. Every company has graciously provided their permission for our usage of their designs on this site.




  1. Beautiful selection!

  2. Hello, Can you please tell me the designers of the patterns in PALETTE NO. 15? I have been a subscriber of your emails, (I really enjoy them!) but can’t find that palette in my messages.