1. Lisa commented:

    Love! so excited for you!

  2. Lisa Aaronson (bestie) commented:

    Could you be any more talented, creative or interesting? No. The answer is NO! You’re amazing.

  3. Adrienne Weissman commented:

    I absolutely love the site. More importantly, I love your style, creativity and talent. So thankful you are guiding me through my design challenges (as we both know I’m SUPER design challenged.)
    Looking forward to years of working with you!!

  4. You are very talented Krista and I’m so glad that your posts are now showing up in my Inbox. Looking forward to reading your posts on a regular basis now.

  5. hi, I’m new to your blog and am enjoying it very much! Who is the manufacturer of the two beds on today’s blog? Blue Four poster and black headboard with amazing cut out detail. Thank you, Ronda

    • Hi, Ronda. Thanks for stopping by and I’m so glad you are enjoying the blog! I’m not sure where the gorgeous beds are from but I’ve emailed Elizabeth of Tulu to inquire and will let you know if I find out.

    • Ronda – I heard back from Elizabeth of Tulu Textiles re: the headboards. She designed them both herself. One was made in turkey and the other she had made in India. They are just beautiful!

  6. Barbara commented:

    I am inlove with your Kimono Madame Butterfly fabric ! Do you have quilt covers as shown in Better Homes And Gardens.

  7. Lucia for Museo del Tessuto commented:

    Hi, I am writing from Prato Italy, where at our textile museum we’re holding a vintage themed photo contest. As we see you love vintage too, why don’t you participate? You can win prizes (valid worldwide) and also, very cool, all photos submitted will be hung on the museum’s wall. Please check out details at

  8. cheryl mars commented:

    I am interested in purchasing the leaf design material. Do you know where i can purchase the particular fabric?

    • Hi, Cheryl! I’m not sure exactly which fabric you are referring to but I can purchase any to-the-trade fabrics that you’re interested in. Why don’t you email me directly at info(at)clothandkind(dot)com and we can talk about it offline. Thanks!

  9. Dear Krista;
    Thank you so much. A delightful surprise. All the best to you.
    Claudette and John.

    • You’re so welcome! I’ve been wanting to write about you guys forever and am so glad that I finally got my act together to do so. By the way, we still need to schedule time for you guys to come over and see your awesome work in person at my house. Anytime!

  10. Dear Krista and Tami
    Congratulations to you both! Krista I have long admired you – both for your wonderful design, aesthetic sensibilities but also for being one of the nicest ladies in Blogland!! Very exciting for you both! Jenny xxx

    • Sweet Jenny you are the best! Thank you so much for your heartfelt words and for taking time to comment when you are in the midst of your big move… how is it going?!

  11. Kay Hanson commented:

    Hi!! I lived by you in Madison, Wisconsin. I had 2 kids at the time and you would come over and visit. How are your mom and dad? We just recently moved to Duluth, Minn. after spending 24 years in New Mexico. Your site is beautiful.

    • Kay! Hello and so nice to hear from you! We remember you and your kids well – Anna & Thomas, right? So lovely to hear from you!! My mom and dad are doing very well. They live in Hyde Park, my dad works at The University of Chicago and my mom is loving her retirement. I passed along your email address to my mom, hope that’s ok. You will be getting a note from her. Just curious, how did you find this blog? xo

  12. Hi, saw a recent article in sept 2013 issue of Bliss Victoria and there was a bed that stated the bedding was by tulu ( Madame Thor….off white w red/orange/green vines of flowers) I googled and cannot find where or how to purchase but came upon your website w a picture of the same bedding, although not named Madame Thor. This would be perfect as a duvet cover for my king size bed, how and can I purchase. Please email me. Btw…live your website, only wish I were flush w funds to take advantage of all that I like. Thanks, kitty

  13. Hi,
    We saw on Pinterest that you have an interest in our fabrics and would like to let you know we have just started a new Facebook page that will list all of our current fabrics and updates on new launches. Please check us out and like us at

    • Thank you so much for letting us know about your new Facebook page. We llooooovvve Malabar textiles! CLOTH & KIND readers, you’ll want to follow these guys. xx

  14. Nancy Euston Harrity commented:

    Krista, absolutely adore Cloth & Kind and your design aesthetic!

  15. Just a quick hello and wanted to say how much I love your site!! So beautifully curated and I love the design. Always rooting for you from the sidelines out here in Portland!!
    Talk soon :)

  16. Jason Spears commented:

    Your framed kuba cloth is gorgeous. I recently purchased some of the cloth on a trip to Congo and would love to follow your design lead. Where can I purchase a custom acrylic box?


  17. Darlene commented:

    How can I purchase one of those beautiful yoga carrier??? Sooooo lovely!

  18. Jason Spears commented:


  19. Hello Tami and Krista,

    We are having an open house at our studio on Sat March 29th, and would like to send you both an invitation. May I please have your mailing address?

    Also, Tami it would be great to meet sometime for coffee…especially since we are studio neighbors…

    Thank you.
    All the best,
    Caleidoscope Color, LLC

  20. I just discovered your blog. It is so great – what a wonderful and beautiful resources. I’m an interior design who started design modern textiles. All my fabrics are organic cotton canvas, which is grown, woven, and printed in the USA. Please check out my fabric at I’m self taught and very passionate about pattern, color, and the environment. I love doing custom colors and patterns too.

    Thank you for your time!
    Samantha Cobos
    PURE Inspired Design
    (651) 398-3076