Press: House Beautiful, November 2013

Press: House Beautiful, November 2013 | CLOTH & KIND

Did you happen to catch Tami’s stunning floral arrangement in the new November issue of House Beautiful?

Here’s what she had to say about it…. “I was inspired by the warm golden hues of autumn here in the South. I used dried cardoon pods that I grew from seeds collected from Monticello, feather-light dried hydrangea, curly kiwi vine, cotton bolls plucked from a field in Georgia, and gourds cut from the vine – all nestled in a brass vessel.”

Press: House Beautiful, November 2013 | CLOTH & KIND

I’ve always known that it’s Tami’s gathered approach to both floral and interior design that make her work so storied. At CLOTH & KIND, our goal is always to mix old with new and to curate the most interesting mix of pieces to fill a space that will tell the story of its homeowners. What a wonderful example this floral arrangement is of that exact notion.

BlogTourLA: Kelly Wearstler

What an absolute whirlwind it’s been since our week in LA as part of BlogTour! I arrived home from Los Angeles last Wednesday, only to turn around the next day and travel for another 5 days for work and then for a wedding.  Not complaining, but man, does it feel absolutely blissful to be back at home with my feet firmly planted in my normal routine after 2 and a half long weeks on the road and away from my family! I’m also super excited to be home so that we can FINALLY start giving you the scoop on our incredible BlogTourLA adventures… and really, where better to start than with one of our design idols, Kelly Wearstler?

We spent a whole afternoon at Kelly’s design headquarters, able to wander around freely, talk with Kelly and just absorb the beauty of her space. For all of us BlogTour design geeks, the ability to get a sense for Kelly’s creative process was an experience we’ll not soon forget.

Here’s the entry to her space, immediately coming off of the elevator…

BlogTourLA: Behind the Scenes with Kelly Wearstler | CLOTH & KIND

The most glamorous conference room ever…

BlogTourLA: Behind the Scenes with Kelly Wearstler | CLOTH & KIND

Where the design magic happens (there’s Kelly walking by in the background)…

BlogTourLA: Behind the Scenes with Kelly Wearstler | CLOTH & KIND

I developed a bit of an obsession over the chairs in her space…

BlogTourLA: Behind the Scenes with Kelly Wearstler | CLOTH & KIND

Another chair. Loving that lilac leather paired with antique brass…


Afterwards, we hit the Kelly Wearstler store on Melrose for a little retail therapy and what fun it was…

BlogTourLA: Behind the Scenes with Kelly Wearstler | CLOTH & KIND

Tami sipped some tea from Kelly’s stunning china…

BlogTourLA: Behind the Scenes with Kelly Wearstler | CLOTH & KIND

We all found some bling to bring home….

BlogTourLA: Behind the Scenes with Kelly Wearstler | CLOTH & KIND

And it has to be said that Kelly is about the kindest, most sincere person we’ve met in this business in a long time. She is down to earth, approachable, and wicked-talented. What a combo!

Here’s Tami and I with Kelly…

BlogTourLA: Behind the Scenes with Kelly Wearstler | CLOTH & KIND

If you haven’t yet seen Kelly Wearstler’s Proust on Design interview that she did for CLOTH & KIND back in August of this year, you must check it out here. We appreciate her answers even more after having experienced her in person.

Proust on Design: Kelly Wearstler | CLOTH & KIND

A heartfelt thank you to Kelly for opening up her space to us and for being such a gracious host.

IMAGE CREDITS | All photos taken by Krista Nye Schwartz of CLOTH & KIND except for the photo of Krista, Kelly & Tami, taken by Jill Seidner of Material Girls

Anatomy of Flora: Summer I

Anatomy of Flora: Summer I | CLOTH & KIND

I grew up on the beach in South Carolina in an L-shaped modern house with a pool in the front yard and the ocean only a hundred feet or so off my back patio. Many of my earliest memories are of the natural landscape, of the sea oats that stood like bastions on the edge of my back yard, anchoring the sand dunes from washing away due to the daily high tides. I grew to love the vibrant hues of the coastal flora and fauna, the colorful natives along with many of the flashy potted patio varieties. Now, twenty three years later as a transplant in Georgia, my own garden is as lush a tropical display as Zone 8 will allow. On numerous occasions I have plucked plants from the sandy soil of my mother’s garden in Pawleys Island, South Carolina in hopes that I can push the boundaries of suitable conditions in which to propagate certain species of plants (lots of luck with the loquat, no luck with the hibiscus). The bottom line is, I want a verdant and colorful garden in the summer months and have created a landscape that allows for that. To that end, I have planted varieties of plants that are showy in color or form, ideally both.

The canna tropicanna and equisetum hyemale featured above are two of my favorites, always garden stunners. The bright orange flash of the canna tropicanna flowers are truly exotic and coupled with their yellow and chartreuse striped foliage, are showstoppers. Although the equisetum hyemale is notoriously an aggressive spreader due to creeping rhizomes, I willingly plant it just to have access to those sculptural evergreen, bamboo-ish black banded stems. Plus I love that equisetum is the sole survivor in a class of prehistoric vascular plants dating back 350 million years, and due to its high silica content, was commonly used by early Americans for scrubbing pots and pans, thus came to be known as scouring rush. It’s like having a dinosaur in the garden who can do the dishes.


Fresh cut and paired together in a low and curved vase, I delight in the bright hues and textures of these garden beauties. What’s growing in your garden lately?

IMAGE CREDITS | Floral arrangement & photography by Tami Ramsay of CLOTH & KIND

Hue: Pink Raspberry

Hue: Pink Raspberry | CLOTH & KIND
Fabric: Bolton in Pink Raspberry from Penny Morrison  | Marie Antoinette Cherry BlossomsRoom | Feathers

Do you all remember the fabulous Tonal Knockouts post that Tami did on her blog a while back called Ode to Pink? I do… In fact, it was one of those posts that she did which drew me in, as so many of them did – that combo of her alluring writing paired with unique finds that I wasn’t seeing elsewhere in the blogosphere – all left me wanting to know more about this talented designer. Fast forward to present and here I am, lucky enough to be partners in crime with this creative force of nature! I can’t tell you all how fortunate I consider myself to be working with her on a daily basis – collaborating on everything from our client projects to our blog to our online atelier, which will be launching later this year. Good, good things are in the works, let me just tell you.

Tami’s original post was inspired by someone she has long admired and now I do too – Jennifer Crenshaw, a textile artist who lives in Tami’s hometown of Athens, GA - and in particular her board titled Favorite Things in Pink Minor. Trust us, you want to follow her for a glimpse of this colorful and artistic world through her visonary lens.

From time to time, we’ll be resurrecting pieces from Tami’s old blog here on CLOTH & KIND but in the meantime check it out here if you have an itch for more.

Fab Five: Golden Floral

Fab Five: Golden Floral | CLOTH & KIND

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