Press: Lonny & Detroit Home

Hot off the presses! CLOTH & KIND is featured in the new Lonny June 2014 issue as well as the Summer 2014 issue of Detroit Home.

A heartfelt congratulations to Lonny market editor, Catherine Dash, who was recently married in Athens, GA. She enlisted Tami (who, if you didn’t already know, is a crazy talented floral stylist) and Mandy O’Shea of 3 Porch Farm for the floral design.

Press: Detroit Home + Lonny | CLOTH & KIND

Press: Detroit Home + Lonny | CLOTH & KIND

Press: Detroit Home + Lonny | CLOTH & KIND

Press: Detroit Home + Lonny | CLOTH & KIND

Detroit Home graciously included Krista, for her inaugural appearance in this local publication which she loyally reads each month, in their Inspired Designers feature, showcasing her daughter Tahlia’s bedroom.

Press: Detroit Home + Lonny | CLOTH & KIND

Press: Detroit Home + Lonny | CLOTH & KIND

Deep gratitude for including us, Detroit Home & Lonny! xx

Show & Tell: Jean Nye (My Mom!)

ABOUT | Jean Nye is Krista‘s mother, a world traveler, a retired children and family minister, and a talented writer and musician.

Show & Tell: Jean Nye (my mom!) | CLOTH & KIND

I’ve had the opportunity to travel to India frequently because of my husband Jim’s work.  Our first trip, when Krista was 8 and her sister Elise was 11, took place in 1982.  We lived for a year in the lovely city of Pune, about 100 miles from Mumbai.  Krista traces her love of fabrics back to this time.  She delighted in watching the women going about their everyday tasks in their brilliantly colored saris.

India is a feast for all the senses, but particularly for the eyes.  Jim and I have collected a variety of things on our trips, from old brass kitchen utensils to folk art animals to fabrics. On a recent trip I picked up several antique fabric fragments in the Hauz Khas Village area of New Delhi.  Situated near royal tombs dating back to the 13th century, Hauz Khas is a delightful jumble of small shops and restaurants.

The fragment pictured may have originated in Rajastan, as it is decorated with mirror work and cowrie shells.  I mounted it on a natural linen pillow and had fun embroidering a “frame” around it in chain stitch.  I love seeing India throughout our apartment in the rugs, furniture, pictures, and accessories.  These tangible objects remind me of the intangible, things that I can’t pack up in my suitcase and take home:  the scent of jasmine in the air, the moon rising over the Indian Ocean, or the taste of a perfectly ripe Alphonso mango.  India has enriched my life in so many ways.  I just keep wanting to go back for more.

Home Sweet Home: The Last Days of Summer

This summer has flown by. How is it already August? Back to school is less than a month away and so I’m trying to savor every last minute of warmth in the air, sunshine on my face, playing outside with my kids and spending time with good friends. Like today, one of my best girls, Jen, and her adorable kids Hugh & Lucy came to visit. Alex & Tahlia collected bugs to examine under a magnifying glass with their friends, they ran through the sprinkler for what seemed like happy hours on end, played on the swing and made a secret fort in our bushes. What could be better?…

Home Sweet Home: The Last Days of Summer | CLOTH & KIND

Last weekend, we celebrated Alex’s 6th birthday with a pretty chill party at our house, complete with a face painter and games in the front yard…

Home Sweet Home: The Last Days of Summer | CLOTH & KIND

Home Sweet Home: The Last Days of Summer | CLOTH & KIND

And I’ve been savoring my alone time and long runs in the arboretum, which is blissfully close to my home here in Ann Arbor. It’s such a beautiful sanctuary. This summer, it’s become the place where I go to do all of my thinking, dreaming and planning. I can see everything so clearly when I’m there, running alone in the silence of nature…

Home Sweet Home: The Last Days of Summer | CLOTH & KIND

Home Sweet Home: The Last Days of Summer | CLOTH & KIND

Home Sweet Home: The Last Days of Summer | CLOTH & KIND

How are you spending the last sweet days of your summer?

IMAGE CREDITS | All photos taken by Krista Nye Schwartz, via Instagram.

Home Sweet Home: Pastel Easter Eggs

Home Sweet Home: Pastel Easter Eggs | CLOTH & KIND

The kids just got done dyeing their Easter eggs and they tuned out surprisingly beautiful. The only thing we did differently this year than in years past was to use water with the Paas dye tablets as opposed to vinegar. I’m loving the soft hues. So pretty & springy. Happy Easter!

IMAGE CREDITS | All photos taken by Krista Nye Schwartz using Instagram. Are you following CLOTH & KIND yet? Hop to it.

Deconstructed Kitchen: Spaghetti Carbonara

I seriously love how today’s Deconstructed Kitchen post turned out, in large part because I’m a simple food kind of a girl but also because I totally appreciate recipes that my kids will actually eat (who else is with me?)! Oh, and I had a bunch of fun playing around with the layout and fonts in this post. I’m breaking out of my ‘font mold’ and trying some new ones on for size. What do ya think? Lucky for me, Bonnie made it easy with her wonderful photography (and her cutie pie boys don’t hurt a darn thing either). Enjoy!

Guest edited by Bonnie Berry

I am a huge fan of Ruth Reichl. She has been a writer, chef, The NY Times restaurant critic as well as the editor of Gourmet magazine. She has also written several memoirs, which are hilarious. So when she talks, I listen. She was on Fresh Air a couple of years ago and when she was asked for quick and easy recipes, I immediately stopped what I was doing and pulled out a pen and paper. While I like to make more intensive recipes on the weekend, on weeknights I go for quick and easy. And it is especially hard to find things the kids will tolerate, much less like. So when she said she often makes spaghetti carbonara. I almost fell off my chair. When I was a kid there was nothing I liked as much as spaghetti carbonara. It was the ultimate comfort food. But as I grew older the heaviness of the cream got to be too much. Turns out spaghetti carbonara does not even have cream in it when you eat it in its native Italy. So with bated breath I made Ruth’s dish and hoped for the best. Not only was it scrumptious, but the kids loved it as well and it was super easy and fast to make, with only five simple ingredients. It is now a family staple and we eat it once a week, only the boys call it bacon and egg pasta.


BONNIE’S SAGE ADVICE | Ms. Reichl recommends Nueske‘s brand of bacon. I have never been able to find it locally, but you can buy it through their website. I like Applegate’s Sunday bacon. And if you can get your hands on some fresh eggs from your CSA or from a local farm or farmer’s market, they really enrich the dish.



SPAGHETTI CARBONARA (aka bacon and egg pasta)

Serves 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 small kids

1 pound spaghetti

8 slices of good quality bacon

2 peeled garlic cloves (do not mince them)

2 large eggs

1/2 cup grated Parmigiano cheese (we like to use Reggiano)

lots of black pepper to taste

Bring a large pot of salted water to boil. While waiting for it to boil, pull out a large ceramic bowl and break the two eggs in the bowl and add some black pepper and beat with a fork. Then slice your bacon into .5 inch pieces and peel your garlic (leave it whole). Next you can grate your cheese. When the water is boiling, throw the spaghetti in with some salt. Then in a skillet put in the bacon on medium heat and cook for two minutes, until the fat begins to render. Add the whole cloves of garlic and cook another 5 minutes or so, until the edges of the bacon just begin to get crisp. Do not overcook the bacon, leave it looking a little raw in the middle, but slightly browned on the edges. If it gets too crisp it will not meld with the pasta. When the bacon is done turn off the heat under it, throw away the garlic cloves and check to see if the pasta is done. Once it is ready, drain the pasta. This bit needs to go fast, so have the following ready and close by: the bowl with the eggs, the cheese and the bacon. Throw the pasta in the bowl with the beaten eggs and mix it thoroughly and quickly. The heat of the spaghetti will cook the eggs and turn them into a sauce. Add the bacon with its fat, and the cheese and mix again. Serve immediately with extra pepper on the table. Buon Appetito!