Palette No. 37

Palette No. 37 | CLOTH & KIND
This week literally flew passed us! What about you? We’re most definitely behind on our usual blog posts because we’ve been so laser focused on some cool new client projects and on getting our revamped website ready to launch… but we can hardly believe it’s Friday (night, at that!) and we’re just now getting our first post of the week up. Ah well, such is life. We try to take it all in stride and enjoy the ride, even though the route may not always be the one we had planned.

So it may be late but this Palette is worth it, no? Rather delicious if we do say so ourselves.
TOP RIGHT | Limited Edition Old Flores Indonesian Ikat Pillow from non-perishable goods
TOP LEFT | Le Marche in Indigo from Clarence House (#34418-5)
BOTTOM | Maharani Wallpaper from Osborne & Little (#W6022-02)

Happy weekend you guys.

Palette No. 36

Palette No. 36 | CLOTH & KIND

What a perfectly cheery Palette for this beautiful spring Friday morning, no? This is the last, but certainly not the least, of the Palettes we put together at Nicky Rising‘s showroom while out in LA for our LCDQ Legends extravaganza. We started with this vibrant interpretation of a suzani by our dear friend Mally Skok and layered on some complimentary Carlton V and Plumwich textiles. Here are the specifics.

RIGHT | Suzani Luv in Taupe/Pink from Mally Skok (#SL-02)
TOP LEFT | Novara in Mustard from Plumwich (#K01-13-16-84)
BOTTOM LEFT | Raffia Texture in Sisal from Carlton V (#WC106-3)

Have a fantastic weekend, guys!

Palette No. 35

We’ve been so busy working on client projects and getting our new website ready for launch (sneak peek below) that somehow a whole week has gone by with nary a blog post! … but Friday just wouldn’t be Friday without Palette.

Palette No. 34 | CLOTH & KIND
TOP RIGHT | Vintage Hand Dyed Throw from Mali, available at Nicky Rising 
TOP LEFT |  Tashkent Embroidered from Tulu Textiles 
BOTTOM | Matsushima Wave Wallpaper from de Gournay

Thanks again to our dear friend Nicky Rising who allowed us to crash her beautiful showroom for an afternoon and put together several Palettes while we were in LA for our LCDQ Legends 2014 event. We could have developed a year’s worth of Palettes between her gorgeous stash of vintage textiles and the incredible lines of wallpapers and textiles that she represents.

Oh, and here’s a glimpse of our new site, launching very soon (we are SO, SO, SOOOO stinkin’ excited about it!)

CLOTH & KIND New Website (launching very soon!)

Happy weekend, guys! xx

Palette No. 34

Palette No. 34 | CLOTH & KIND

Another lovely Palette that we put together while in LA at Nicky Rising. Her stash of vintage textiles is to die for, and we particularly adored this antique Suzani prayer mat.

RIGHT | Antique Hand Embroidered Suzani Prayer Mat, Uzkekistan from Nicky Rising
TOP LEFT | Cloud Sheer in Tea from Carlton V (#DP113-8)
BOTTOM LEFT | Mahalaxmi in Rani Pink from Seema Krish (#1102-A)

Wishing you a relaxing and wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Palette No. 33: Nicky Rising

Palette No. 33: Nicky Rising | CLOTH & KIND
What an insanely wonderful whirlwind of a week here in Los Angeles! One of the best parts, hands down, of being here in celebration of the LCDQ Legends event (and our custom designed Goldfinger window at Sydney Harbour Paint) was the time we were able to spend with our peers and friends in the interior design industry.

Case in point. Yesterday we crashed Nicky Rising – an all time favorite CLOTH & KIND showroom – and had her put together today’s Palette for us on the fly. We adore what Nicky and her fabulous showroom manager John threw together, all built around this divine showpiece of a vintage rug. Bright and cheerful, just like beautiful Nicky. Here she is pulling it all together.

Palette No. 33: Nicky Rising | CLOTH & KIND

We’re headed home to Ann Arbor & Athens today and couldn’t be more ready to get back to our real worlds, our families (good lord, do we miss them!) and our clients, but it’s been a blast LA. Thank you to everyone for being such gracious hosts, especially the LCDQ and Sydney Harbour Paint.

TOP RIGHT | Bermuda by Chapas Textiles (#09-20A) from Nicky Rising
TOP LEFT | Mahmut in Pink by Tulu Textiles (#n/a) from Nicky Rising
BOTTOM | Vintage Pictorial Khotan Chinese Wool Rug, early 20c (#n/a) from Nicky Rising