Anatomy of Flora: Winter I

As much as I embrace Spring and the floral bounty that awakens after a long season’s nap, I cannot get enough of Winter’s bone. Finding blooms that insist on rising in spite of the cold hard ground and frigid air is a thrill I anxiously await. I have never met a berry that did not turn my head, and give me a nodding bloom in February and I am totally hooked.

The flowers and berries featured in today’s post are common in my garden here in Athens, GA and thrive in such conditions. In the first arrangement, a simple gathering of hellebores and narcissus huddle in a mercury glass vase and nestle perfectly on a table sprinkled with coarse confetti.

In the second arrangement, a single white hellebore mingles with a cluster of nubby spined spirea, dotted with tiny white blooms, finished with a spire of mahonia berries.

For me, the beauty lies in a gathered approach to arranging flowers; no real plan, just an inspired handful after a wander through the yard or the woods. The vase is usually what I have on hand, but what is on hand is usually a special little something picked up in my travels. I am especially fond of this old Ammonium Hydroxide glass bottle, one of six picked up at a local estate sale. Once used to contain the NH4 + OH solution in a University of Georgia chemistry lab in days long gone, it now serves as a vessel for flowers and always piques the interest of the passerby.

So, what’s blooming in your garden or along the path you commonly walk? Open your eyes, Winter beauty abounds.

PHOTO + PROP CREDITS | All floral arrangements, styling and photographic images courtesy of Tami Ramsay of CLOTH & KIND | Indigo dipped hand towel via Rinne Allen & Lucy Allen Gillis’ Our Field Trip


  1. Donna Murphy commented:

    Simple yet so stunning. Thank you for opening my eyes for what is around me. Now that my Trader Joe’s tulips are spent, I just need a quick trip around back with some pruning shears. Beyond beautiful photos. Happy week girls!

  2. The words Tami put to these beautiful pictures really speak to me. I think I’m hooked! Love the new column.

  3. Thanks Donna and Amy! I really appreciate your kind words from two women I absolutely adore! Very excited about this column and some other ideas Krista and I have up our sleeve. Look for more great posts to come!

  4. Thanks for sharing Tami!
    I just love everything you do! So glad to see you on the blog today– what a treat!

  5. Thanks Kate R! Coming from your awesomely talented self I really appreciate that! Can’t wait to see you the next time you are in A-town ;)

  6. katherine hinson commented:

    Leave it to Tami to find beauty in the Winter’s Bone. She makes the most stunning floral arrangements I have ever seen, and they are so often out of the most unexpected things. I love her work, and I love this blog.

  7. beautiful. great addition brava!

    • Thanks so much, Annette… Just visited your wonderful site and have bookmarked it. I’m excited to see more of your beautiful styling.

  8. Darlene Jennings commented:

    I am looking forward to being inspired. You girls are amazing.