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CLOTH & KIND was founded in 2010 by self-diagnosed textile addict, Krista Nye Schwartz. Her love of textiles may have as much to do with who she inherently is as it does with her early exposure to fantastical worlds of color, texture and style that came from traveling extensively, and living abroad in India and Brazil as a child. The respect these cultures pay to personal expression and authenticity imprinted an early appreciation of design that has remained with Krista and is reflected in her aesthetic today. Fast forward to her adult life, in which she spent several years working at the esteemed Condé Nast publications. Being there, surrounded by a completely different, refined approach to style helped cultivate her taste and reverence for great design. It also instilled in her the confidence to be discerning above all else.

Ultimately, Krista created this blog to pay tribute to the textiles, interiors, artisans, designers and cultures that most speak to her but it didn’t stop there. She had a much more elaborate vision for CLOTH & KIND as a boutique interior design firm, online atelier and more, and dreamed of finding the right creative partner to collaborate with. Rather serendipitously, Krista met well-respected interior designer & art aficionado, Tami Ramsay, in early 2012. Tami, who has several years of design experience, creates immeasurably warm, inviting and livable spaces infused with unique, vintage and custom pieces, curated art, textiles and wallcoverings rich in pattern and texture. A deep mutual appreciation for one another’s style, paired with the incredible ease with which the two shared ideas and worked in concert, made joining forces a completely natural decision. In early 2013, Krista & Tami officially merged their companies and are now partners in CLOTH & KIND.

Krista & Tami are deeply passionate about their storied approach to interior design as well as gorgeous textiles, art and antiques, and are thankful to have this outlet with which to share their musings on these topics. Welcome to CLOTH & KIND.

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Krista & Tami are humbled to welcome some of the most talented and creative people they know to the blog as guest editors. These women provide an additional layer of rich content that all of us at CLOTH & KIND are so excited to be able to share with you. Their bios are below and we do hope that you’ll take a moment to get acquainted with each one of them.

Bonnie Berry, Bonnie Berry Photography

Bonnie is a family, wedding and food photographer in Austin, Texas where she lives with her husband, two sons and their family dog. She was an award-winning graphic designer and had her own design studio for fifteen years before becoming a full time photographer. Ironically, there are two things Bonnie said she would never do in life: gardening and cooking… but then she had kids. And darn it if they didn’t want to be fed, regularly. Bonnie is now a natural in the kitchen and with each Deconstructed Kitchen post, she offers us sage bits of practical advice for making mouth-watering, family friendly recipes.


Rasheena Taub | Guest Editor | CLOTH & KINDRasheena Taub, Kickstand Collections (launching fall 2013)

Rasheena understood at a young age the importance of sharing other people’s stories. Her uncle was an art director at The Miami Herald who interviewed, illustrated and photographed renowned artists like Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol and Cristo. She knew she wanted to be a journalist after seeing his by-line in newspaper print and realizing that your voice can influence people you may never meet in person. Rasheena went on to edit her high school newspaper, where her work in the field of healing arts first took shape – in the form of a patchwork quilt. She brought awareness of the AIDS epidemic to her classmates by featuring at an assembly a panel of the AIDS Memorial Quilt –to date, the largest piece of community folk art. While earning her MFA in Poetry, Rasheena was a copywriter for the Detroit Free Press. Her feature written about a newly created Healing Arts Program at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center inspired a career change. At this same hospital where her husband was in his medical residency, Rasheena designed and taught therapeutic writing courses to cancer patients and survivors. Two children later, Rasheena found herself happiest in the children’s section of libraries and bookstores. When her family moved back to South Florida three years ago, she and a childhood friend dedicated much of their time together talking about their home libraries. Admittedly, they were not reflective of their children’s growing interests, individuality and relationships. This fall, they will launch Kickstand Collections, an online resource for parents seeking more personalized collections of children’s books and souvenirs.

Jacqueline Wein, Tokyo Jinja

Jacqueline is an antiques dealer, design historian and “trailing spouse” living in Tokyo, Japan with her husband and two beautiful daughters. Her blog Tokyo Jinja (jinja means shrine in Japanese) tells the story of her travels throughout Asia and elsewhere looking at decorative and fine arts as well as chronicling her interior design projects. Always able to spot the proverbial needle in a haystack and sort the valuable from the junk, she combs Tokyo flea markets, better known as shrine sales, for treasures each week for clients around the world.  Porcelains, textiles, woodblock prints, baskets, vintage fishing floats, and katagami stencils are just some of the finds that come her way. And there is nothing she likes better than imagining and researching an object’s past and finding a modern day use for it. She cut her teeth at the 26th Street flea markets in New York and Les Puces in Paris and honed her Asian expertise along Hollywood Road in Hong Kong. Her unique background makes her the perfect guest editor to pen CLOTH & KIND’s Provenance column, which offers a scholarly nod to the history of iconic styles in textile & design.

PHOTO CREDITS | All Photographs of Krista by Bonnie Berry Photography | Bonnie Berry’s Photograph by Amber Snow

For posts from CLOTH & KIND’s early days, please visit Krista’s old blog.


  1. Hi Krista… have a look at The Paper Mulberry… think you will love this blog !

  2. Dear Krista,

    Lovely expressions for your admiration for textiles, colours and design. It was a beautiful experience going through your site.

    Please visit my site when possible. Would love to hear from you.


  3. Just found your blog through John Robshaw Facebook. Loved the Proust questionnaire – adore John Robshaw textiles. From Chicago, now living in Bangkok, Thailand – third time expat, routine globetrotter. Blogging about design, travel, good-life finds. Look forward to having a look through your archives.

  4. Holy Cow your site is amazing. Shared love of textiles & all things custom fabric. The next time I’m in Michigan would love to take you to coffee…Best, Ann McDonald, CEO/Founder, Couture Chateau llc.

  5. Hi Krista! So beautiful your blog!!! I would like to invite you to visit my work at http://www.ofantique.com
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  6. Love seeing Cloth & Kind grow with these wonderful new contributors. Looking forward to reading more from all of them.

  7. Your blog is beautiful, compelling and engaging. Beautiful. I’m a new fan.

  8. katherine hinson commented:

    I am so excited about the merger. Can’t wait to follow your happenings!

    • Thank you, thank you Katherine!! We are too. I’ve heard all about you from Tami! Thanks so much for stopping by to wish us well.